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Has Anyone Ordered Gear to a P.O. Box?

Has anyone ordered gear to a P.O. box?

Yes. I stopped doing it tho. It’s not any safer if that’s what your wondering.

Yes big deal tho worst thing that happens is customs seizes yur shit and they re-ship. Ive used my companies po box and personal never much of an issue…Use bitcoin less hassles for you fyi

Im just wondering because i have not other options, why did you stop ordering it to a PO

I used a po for a while because I didn’t like the idea of sending it to my house. But ultimately from a legal standpoint it doesn’t matter. Your name is connected to a po box and you also have to retrieve the gear form there. The only benefit you have using a po box is if your trying to hide it from your significant other. And if that’s the case I highly suggest you not use gear.

No thats not the issue lol, thanks for the info mate.