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HAS ANYONE not been sore after EDT?

I finished day 1 of phase 1 EDT training and do not think I will be sore. I finished with a total of around 50-75 reps for each exercise and was getting about 4 reps per miniset towards the end of each 20 minute timeframe. How many reps do you guys get during an edt workout?

Why don’t you just wait and see if you get sore before posting.

I completed 4 weeks of phase 1 and was still getting sore after every workout. I was usually getting in about 7-8 sets of each exercise and the reps were usually about 6 or 8. I had a hard time finding a weight that I could ever get down to doing only 4 reps per set.

If you did EDT correctly, I don’t see how you couldn’t be sore.

Even after my first day of EDT when I went too light, I was still a little sore. After that I bumped up in weight and soreness has always followed. Note to EDTers, when you “have a hard time” finding a weight that will put you down to singles or doubles at the end of 20 minutes, it usually means you should add more weight.