Has Anyone Here Tried BPC 157 or TB500?

Studhammer originally mentioned BPC 157 in another thread for helping with minor injuries. Curious to know if anyone else here has had experience, good or bad, with BPC 157 or TB500, for nagging smaller injuries and such.

Thanks in advance.

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I used BPC 157 a couple months ago to treat some nagging tennis elbow. I did sub q injections for 3 weeks, discontinued for about a week, then did a combo of sub q and IM injections for another 3 weeks. I discontinued in the middle solely due to international travel - BPC is technically ‘legal’ in the US and UK, but I didn’t want to take a risk going through customs for obvious reasons. The better way to use it would have been 6 weeks straight.

‘Kind of’ noticed some improvement toward the end of the first 3 weeks. Saw definite improvement the second 3 weeks, but it still didn’t go away completely - which is what makes me say 6 weeks straight would have been better. Probably would have knocked it out with one shot. I forget what dosing I was using, but it was whatever the typical recommended dosing is. There are write-ups on various websites, just follow their instructions. The tennis elbow just recently seems to have completely gone away - it’s been a few days since I felt anything in that spot. Which is awesome, since it’s been nagging for just shy of a year. It’s been that long since I did any direct arm work consistently, and it’s bugging the shit out of me.

A buddy of mine (who I got the BPC from) used BPC with TB 500 for an achilles tendon issue, cleared it right up in 3-4 weeks. I haven’t personally used the TB 500, but I am going to order some oral BPC along with enough TB 500 for an 8 week run just to try and heal up a bunch of my old stuff.


I’ve used BPC for gut issues and orally so not quite what you’re asking. But after only one vial I’ve noticed great improvements in stomach bloating, pretty much none farting (lol), food digesting a lot better. Def works great for gut issues IMO, but I’m yet to try with my injuries.


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The dosage levels for these 2 compounds is drastically different. Mcg vs mg so there is a cost difference too plus syringes, etc. Just an FYI

Definitely. I’ve been looking into both a good bit since your recommendation. Looks like TB500 is more of a twice a week, higher volume deal, BPC is best 2 times daily at very small volumes and better to spot treat where as TB500 as the ability to travel through the body better to find areas in need.

Trying to figure out if it’s best to just run both and try to go all out, or try one first and see if that does the trick. I prefer two pins a week versus 14.

What was your buddies outcome when running both? Any chance he was on cycle when running? Trying to figure out if I should wait until I’ve fully recovered after PCT to run, or to add it in now.

I think he was on TRT, but aside from that I don’t know.

He had some kind of overuse injury of the achilles that just wouldn’t heal, and we were headed to a training course…we’ll call it a month long job interview testing various skills of both the physical and mental types. The first portion was very physical (which is the biggest make or break of the entire course), so taking time off prior to was not really an option for him. He took both at the same time while remaining physically active (including a PT test, long days and nights outside on our feet, and repeated attempts at an intermediate and varying distance sprint event interspersed with demonstrations of skill of a different type - yes I am being intentionally vague) and had a full recovery in spite of everything going on.

Truly appreciate the info, and certainly gives me some optimism with trying these. My biggest question mark is whether or not I want to try both at once and give it the 100%, or if I want to try just one first. If one peptide fixes it, I’d save a good bit of money now, and in the future if I ever ran it again. Whereas if I ran both, I’d never know if just one would have done the trick.

Thank you very much for all the info!

I’ve used BPC for a pec strain. I can’t say definitively if BPC helped, but I recovered in what I felt was a reasonable amount of time, so I can’t say it did nothing either. I would recommend someone try it they have the extra cash and the injury is minor.

Tore my calf running a 650 yoke. Doctor said it would take four to six weeks till I could walk without pain. Used TB500 and was walking in five days.


No shit ?? I’m dealing with a torn bicep tendon now and really want to try those compounds.

Sadly there’s just not a ton out there aside from anecdotal stuff. There’s a few FB groups for BPC and TB500. I suggest reading the pros and cons that folks talk about.

But I personally had a good experience and I didn’t take any time off from the gym.

I think I found a credible source and I’m willing to try it. I’m dreading the possibility of surgery.

There is at least one place where you can get a blend of TB500 and BPC 157. Might be the best of both worlds

Few places offer this. I wanted to try one alone first in case of any side effects. Now that I know I handle BPC, next time I will run both.

You mentioned way up in this thread the need to inject 2X a day. Is that true, and for what compound. I am thinking that is a lot of injections.

I found a website offering that. Seems legit. Im leaning towards trying it.

Peptides have a half life… If im not mistaken. Like GH

Yes, it is necessary with BPC for best results. Using a 30g insulin needle you don’t feel a thing.

If you decide to use BPC, keep me updated… I’d appreciate knowing if it helps heal up prior injuries

Me or Aaron? I’m more interested in this tb500 now. I just don’t think I have the discipline to do two a day pins. I forget to take my var all the time.