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Has Anyone Here Been Treated by Dr. Crisler?


Just curious what your experience with him was like.

Considering making a visit to him.


Please see these: http://www.google.com/search?q=site:tnation.T-Nation.com+crisler


Thanks KSman. That was exactly what I needed.

As always, you're a veritable fountain of information.



Find another doctor.


Other than Crisler?


and of course, why?


Where are you located?

Your best option is to see an ANDROLOGIST, a urologist that specializes in the male endocrine and reproductive systems.

This is a good site to start your search with: impotencespecialists.com


Crisler is a very well respected dr in HRT. Being in the field my self I have nothing negative to say about him. He has made major contributions to the field of HRT and continues to do so. I have complete respect for him professional and never in my 5 years in clincal experience have ever bad mouthed him in any way..


Beginning to wish I had flown the other direction to see HAN and Dr. O.

2 weeks after payment to "process" a prescription before even ordering it really sets off my bullshit alarm!
He wanted me to stabilize on the meds before we do labs after 4 weeks. At this rate, it'll take 3 weeks just to get the f#@%ing meds!

I had high hopes too. I'm becoming VERY discouraged with the medical field in general, but am not comfortable trying to diagnose and treat myself.

The more I read, the more I'm convinced I have Adrenal Fatigue. Took the dogs for an easy walk around the neighborhood yesterday and am stupid sore and stiff today. Can't sleep at night, can't stay awake during the day. Can't catch a fucking break!! Don't have any faith it'll be addressed any time soon.
Not posting this on ATM because I'm sure it'd be deleted immediately.

Rant over.


If you live near Baltimore MA there is an Endo at Johns Hopkins that I'm going to see in January. Her name is Dr Adrian Dobbs. She has published a lot of work in the area of TRT so I think she is familiar with the subject. I'll let the forum know what I think after I see her. So where are you from.


I would stay away from Crisler.


That was really informative.


lol KSman is like the man in the sky judging every action of mine. Gotta love him. I watched a video of Crisler talking about how he loved gel and hated injections because he said gel mimics the pattern of a young man whereas shots mimic the pattern of an old man. Gel aromatizes more and is bad. I lost most interest in him after hearing this and I've seen some others complain about him on various threads. He also mentioned that he was afraid to treat with GH due to regulations and wouldn't do it.


I sure wish more of you had spoken up before I spent $1k in fees and plane tickets!


Crisler has done a lot of good for many and the community at large. He does take some questionable stances on some things. Nevertheless, the best treatment option for many, given the overall state of TRT healthcare.


I'm aware of how he has led the way in some HRT areas. My issue is with customer service and communication and profiteering.
I left his office with notes about treatment and doses and the belief I'd have meds in 5 or 6 days. When I call after 14 days to ask where they are, they haven't even touched my order. Apparently I forgot to pay the "I'd like my script in a timely fashion" fee. Then delay it 2 more days while we discuss why I was told to order .5mg Anastazole but my file calls for .25mg. Now, contrary to what we discussed in person, he changes the dose to .25mg becasue he believes the compounded Azole is more effective than what I've been getting from ADC.
So, when I start suffering from too high E2 on .25 doses, I have to pay $75 for a phone appt. so he can authorize me to take double doses.
And I'm told labs will likely be delayed too, so keep on feeling crappy!

In the words of one of my more fatalistic friends "Everybody sucks, everything they do is shit!"


Yeah that's lame.