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Has Anyone Heard of Visualis- The Challenge?


My friend is considering being involved in this fitness company that spreads its good through MLM (multi-level marketing). Essentially sounds like your basic pyramid scheme. You pay 500 dollars to join, sell your products and the ability to join to other people and get risiduals off of their sales.

The numbers they're throwing around are fairly huge. Visualis claims to have made 200 million in sales in the past year, pays many of its employees over 6 figures a year and has awarded over 800 BMW's as bonuses.

Anyone hear of this company, run by Bret Ryan? (who apparently has 6 other multi million dollar companys).

If you put it into google you just get a bunch of websites and blogs clearly written by people involved (all the same terminology, allegories, anologies etc). And then spend alot less time talking about their products than they do in trying to convince you to become a distributor

Fishy as balls.


Ya, sounds weird.

Companies can make "bots" that post in forums under multiple screen names saying the same things in a little different way making it look like they are different people.


An MLM + product does not an ethical company make.


I can't even find anything useful on google for "Visualis".


If they had a product worth selling they wouldn't resort to MLM


This is a must-read for anyone concerned with MLM: