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Has Anyone Heard of PERCUTANE?

Percutane is an anti-inflammatory and pre-sports warm up. According to the manufacturers in New Zealand, it was first used at the '92 Barcelona Olympics. "Percutane combines natural actives such as Arnica, Hypericum, Capsaicin, Burdock, natural anti-inflammatory ingredients with the marine extract Aqualane, a natural percutaneous agent which helps the linimentum to get right down deep to do its work. Other synergisitic herbs are also in the formula to assist the healing process, etc., etc.

So, any feedback on this stuff?

Hi Racer. I’ve never used the stuff, but the ingredients sound like the typical homeopathic remedy to me. I have several friends who swear by arnica as an anti-inflammatory for trauma and contusion. If this stuff works, let us all know.