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Has Anyone Heard From ~Karma~?


Has anyone heard from ~Karma~? She was one of the coolest chicks (and forum contributors) around here, and then she just fell off the face of the earth a while back.

Anyone know if she's still alive and kicking?


True. I havent heard from her.

Southerngirl was another cool, hot, and smart one around here, too.

MJ has stopped posting, but I know she's still alive and kicking. And still hot...


I'll go wake up her up and ask her.


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Careful -- she bites when startled. :wink:


I thought I was the only one!!!

drinks whiskey

Seriously though, she was a great poster.


Perhaps there's a special bird whistle or something we can use to call her out of the bushes . . . .


She used to train at the same gym as me, but I haven't seen her there in a long time. She could just be going at a different time, though.


I wouldn't mind having a poster of her on my wall. But, I too have wondered where she is.



You liked her attributes a lot.

And she wasn't cool.
She was hot.


"And when I tell you she was cool, she was red hot |I mean she was steaming."



Attitude, attributes . . . added synergistically
they = Karma.


Looks like the boys are back in town.


This thread is useless without pics.


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Didn't you always call her TOY and allude to a meeting between the two of you?



We had a light-hearted ribbing thing going on, yes. :slightly_smiling: Likewise, she referred to me as -- (ahem) -- "Pet."

Nevertheless, she was quite the cool chica.