Has Anyone Had Issues with Their Progesterone on TRT?

Hi guys,

Just started on TRT. Waiting to get some bloodwork back (week 3). Based on symptoms (I feel like shit) E2 is probably sky high

Progesterone was not on the blood panel but poking around online low progesterone (innately or brought on by TRT) looks like it can also cause some of these symptoms (lethargy, low libido, erectile dysfunction, anxiety, poor sleep, moodiness)

Has anyone had issues with their progesterone on TRT?

Mine was super high. Didn’t notice much

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When you started TRT you were stacking exogenous testosterone on top of endogenous testosterone and now are most likely solely relying on exogenous testosterone which probably isn’t high enough yet.

You’re at the point where your natural T production is shutting down and the balls are going to sleep, hormones are in flux and your body is searching for homeostasis.

So there is a lot going on and this is more than likely why you feel like crap.

Also drawing labs at 3 weeks isn’t how TRT is done, assuming you’re on cypionate, the half-life is 5-7 days, so by 4-6 weeks you should reach a steady state (pharmacodynamics, 5x half-life) at which time labs are drawn.

So you haven’t even crossed the finish line yet and are already attempting to judge your results.

What is your protocol?

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you haven’t even crossed the finish line yet and are already attempting to judge your results

Thanks for the response. I’m not trying to judge my results in a final sense, I’m trying to put some numbers to what’s going on. Those numbers will help me have a conversation with my doctor who can advise on what to do, if anything

I’m actually on the scrotal cream (2ml = 100mg test per day). No idea what that corresponds to in terms of injections

Final, intermediate, whatever you want to call it. You are in fact judging results and as @systemlord indicated it’s too soon.

Men produce very little progesterone compared to women but they do produce some. Most is from the testes yes, but not in total. It’s a precursor to testicular testosterone production. Point being is I doubt this is your issue very much and as with most new guys you are over analyzing something that is likely not the culprit.

The question I would like to know is what did your before labs look like? Did you really need TRT? You are posting on the pharma forum about adding tbol to TRT before you are even dialed in.

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You just started and the likely plan (just a guess) is to start low and titrate upward. Creams are not 100% absorbed and you are beginning the process of determining how well they are in your case. Most guys use 200mg and you are probably not taking enough.

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Mine went from 0.4 down to 0.1 (0.0-0.5). Wondering if I should do something about it too

Did you really need TRT?

Before labs for t were terrible, so yes. Spent years trying to find out what was wrong

adding tbol to TRT

Asking in advance as it takes time to get things lined up. No intention to add anything before this is sorted out. If we get to where we need to go with TRT only, then maybe never

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Ty for the frame of reference. Information online about TRT creams rather than injections is surprisingly sparse

The creams absorption is around 9-13%, but with injections 100% is absorbed.

I tried the creams and never achieved anything higher than 86 ng/dL 2-4 hours after application.

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My progesterone was 26ng lol
I pretty much didn’t notice much

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