Has Anyone Had Flat Foot Surgery?

Has anyone here had, or know someone who has had flat foot surgery and who also lifts weights. I’ve been flat footed for years and I’m at the point where I can still train, I just have to be very careful. I can’t run to save my life though and it’s honestly depressing. As soon as I goto run I get shin splints. I have arthritis in my back and want to stop it from progressing before it gets any worse. I’ve made an appointment with an orthopedic surgeon. I am very anxious because I have heard people online state that you can not return to squats and deadlifts after having flat foot surgery; however I have found information about a new none invasive surgery. The bad news is the none invasive surgery cost a few thousand dollars, at least when I checked one of the companies who make the titanium stents.

I don’t know how I’ll get the money, but I much rather have the none invasive surgery for obvious reasons. Basically a stent is placed in the foot to prevent it from collapsing. I am worried however, because this seems like it may only work with flexible flat feet, that is feet that have an arch when not standing, but collapse when standing. I do not have an arch ever, however I can somewhat make an arch but not a good one. This means I have “semi-flexible flat feet”. I’m hoping that whatever surgery I need, I can go back to lifting and the recovery time isn’t more then 8 months total. They won’t do both feet at once. I have come to terms that I will of course loose strength and muscle mass while recovering. I just hope I do not gain weight while I recover.

2 years late here; I’m in the same exact situation as you. I’m not sure if you actually got the surgery or not, but if you did; can you still lift weights?

Improving my glutes and shin muscles has improved my flat feet.

I would try more exercises before surgery.

Maybe even something weird like clamshells, or a $200 Tibialis Anterior Dorsi-Calf Machine, or Sumo Deadlift from knee height in the power rack.