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Has Anyone Had an ART Session?


I'm thinking of getting some Active Release Therapy for my legs. My quads ahev been sore for 4 weeks now. I overdid the last few leg workouts and even dropping into a bodyweight squat still makes my quads ache. I have heard good things about ART. It helps speed recovery and removes built up scar tissue. I hear it's painful though. Any experiences with this?


i had it a lot, im not sure how much it helped in the end, but at the time i needed to be doing as much as i could to fix my injury...for me it didn't really hurt much, the hips might be painful...do you have a foam roller? that would be a big help along with ART id imagine


There's at least one rather long thread on ART somewhere on this site.

FWIW, ART has done wonders for many nagging injuries I've had over the years.


try to get the one with a happy ending


I love it but it isn't exactly cheap. Hurt like a fucking bitch when I had my shoulder worked on but all the pain I had in it was gone the moment it was done.


Nope. Never heard of it.


7 sessions ran me 400 bills . foot pain decreased by about 50% in that time span . I also havent squatted for the past three or four weeks , so that helped some too .

excruciating pain ....and orgasmic relief in 20 minutes . gotta love it . it feels awesome . but I think the real key is not to further aggrevate the problem while under-going the treatments ; sometimes easier said than done .


Cost me a bundle (not covered by my crappy insurance), but helped me a lot. had some old forearm soft tissue stuff, and my shoulder was pretty screwed up (couldnt do flat BB). After 1st treatment, I flat put up 315 for the 1st time in a couple of years maybe an hour after the session(I previously had to stop doing flat because even 185 hurt like a bitch). I'm sure it's a case by case (and doctor by doctor) basis as far as if it "works" or not.



Thanks for the input fellas. I think I will look into it.


2nd that - when my practitioner worked my shoulder I had to look down to see how he got the steak knife in my shoulder/arm like that. Hurt a LOT but hey, I paid for it & it worked.

Only thing is you have to go back after a few months/years to get tuned up

If your insurance/benefits covers it, proceed if the pain / injury warrants it.


Reading people's experiences over the years, seems many of the success stories were for shoulders.

ART did not help when I had a spinal disc injury.


The practitioner should not have even tried it. It is only for muscles, not spinal discs.


That should have been obvious beforehand since that isn't a traditional soft tissue injury.

Brain surgery won't help athletes foot, either.


I know that now.

I presented with back pain but didn't have a diagnosis at the time. Nonetheless, the practitioner seemed to have an enthusiastic belief that ART could fix anything.


I really don't know anything about the certification process. I happen to be fortunate in having a practitioner who seems to me to be very expert. It may be that there are dummies out there too. I just don't know. Sounds like you may have run into that :frowning:


Stu, if you have insurance, you could have gone to Dr. Durlan Castro in Massapequa or Smithtown and paid 15 to 25 bucks for a session.

I've gone to him about a dozen times. He's worked on Dorian, Dave Palumbo, Victor Martinez, and just about every top powerlifters on Long Island and a lot of pro football athletes from Long Island.


I do have insurance, it's jus the crappy NY city teacher insurance -lol. The guy I went to was actually an Ironman competitor (not the Bodybuilding show, the Ironman competition where you run, bike and swim), so he was used to dealing with athletes. I've heard of Dr. Castro. I believe he actually promotes a INBF show on the Island each year. I may actually have to check in with him this summer (when I have off) because my old forearm chronic inflammation has been flaring up since my post contest push (throwing some heavy weights again! Feels great!)



Holy shit. $15-25 a session?! Damn that's cheap/affordable... around here it's more like $80+...


I've gone to Castro as well in Smithtown. He does an a great job. My insurance covered majority and I just had to pay to copay.


I have gone twice to help correct my anterior pelvic tilt (APT) that I acquired after six years in the Infantry. Let me tell you, the first session was BRUTAL, and this torture was coming from a lady that couldn't have weighed more than 110 lbs. I only pay $40 per session because she gives me a 20% student discount, but I feel it is money well-spent. If she doesn't have another patient waiting she will even do some extra work on my hamstrings and low-back.

My wife is a Physical Therapist, even she was impressed and is going next week for her initial consultation and treatment. Give it a try, the worst that can happen is it doesn't help you and your out $100-150, and you can move on to something else.