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Has anyone ever used AR Nutrition Extreme Mass?

A friend gave me his AR Nutrition Extreme Mass as a post workout supplement to try out. Is this any good? How does it compare to surge or is there no comparison when it comes to Surge.
I have looked at the ingredients and it “seems” to be very similar (protein to Carb ratio, and most BCAA’s). But I am a newbie and could be easily fooled. Let me know what you think…


I would never buy anything by AR Nutrition. All of there products are complete junk. The company sent us some of there product to the store I work at and one of there products supposedly contained 10G creatine,10 Glutamine peptide, 5G ribose, 5G arginine, 2G taurine, and ALA. The product was going to cost us about 8 dollars for 50 servings of this. There’s no way any of that stuff is in there.