Has Anyone Ever Tried?

I’ve been told by a fellow trainee, whilst supersetting curls in the squat rack with tricep kickbacks on a stability ball, that Gourmet Whey brand protein is pretty terrific in the taste bud stakes. I was just wondering if anyone here has used or abused said brand of protein and can offer an informed opinion?



(clears throat) Just buy some Grow! and use it everyday…you’ll be fine…

Thanks for that. It’s pretty expensive to ship the good shit down under, especially with exchange rates and all that stuff, hence my question regarding the “other white meat”…if I could get Grow! and other Biotest stuff at my local store I would be very happy. No such luck for this happy camper.

I take it no-one here has tried it…fair enough.

I hope you’re kidding about the curls and kickbacks…


Fair dinkum you blokes fail to grasp the irony. Shit yeah I was joking. We call it takin’ the piss. The only thing swiss balls are good for is throwing at stupid personal trainers who persist in telling you that “you’re doing those upright rows incorrectly” (I was in fact doing cleans…)

I spend my time in my garage gym on the core compound movements some oly variations and odd object lifting.

All helps with fight conditioning (my gif gives you a little hint as to my main activity).

Mind you, one thing I’ll gladly own up to is yoga for flexibility work.

I cant even imagine how you talk in person…it must kick ass. Why dont americans talk more like the english or australians :frowning:

Cheers mate,

As your name would imply, you have the wisdom of the Prophet.

I dunno if how I yak on is kick arse, but I’d like to think that we’re all a pretty funny bunch of blokes. Mind you, all it takes is to hear some gorgeous backpacker babe with an Irish/American/Canadian/English accent talking next to you in a pub somewhere and, mate…you are gone!!!

I think we all dig the accents different to our own…I think that’s why a bloke like me has ‘ahem’ made alot of friends from places like Cali, Tenessee, etc. That female Southern accent…mate…pure f@#$ing gold!

So is this Gourmey Whey actually any bloody good or what?