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Has Anyone Done the 28 Days of Gains Challenge by TJ Kuster?

Im looking for a 4 week challenge to get myself back into shape and I’ve stumbled on to this and it looks like hell

I’d have to take a 28 day holiday from the wife and kids to even attempt that shit :man_facepalming:

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Good luck recovering on a program like that.

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It’s a program I would have lapped up…

When I was unemployed and still stayed at home, sleeping in a wanking chariot ( single bed )


It 100% falls in the challenging category.

You can only give it a go. I mean. Whats the worst that can happen?

Divorce? Social Services taking your kids away?


If you’re not currently in shape, I don’t think full body workouts six days a week are a good idea.

I think that plan was more of a “personal experiment, let’s see what happens” challenge, rather than a “hey guys, go try this” challenge, but if you have the time and energy to give it a fair shot sometime down the line, I guess go for it.

Just understand that the training and the diet and the supplements really do all coordinate together for recovery and results. Miss one of those three prongs and you’ll come up way short.

I am a big believer in intensity and willpower.

If you mentally resolve yourself to this, and attack it, you will succeed and yeild results.

If you’re ‘unsure’ about doing it, you probably won’t get it done. But I think go for it. Silence all the critics inside and out brother.


I would concur with others and suggest a different route. This is not a workout to “get in shape” but to fine tune an already very-much-in shape person. Based on your post, it probably means you have let your strength drop while also letting you weight go up. Don’t do something like this if you want to lose 8-10 pounds that month while getting “back in shape”.

What to do instead? Take Dan John’s advice and do the 10,000 KB wing challenge with the velocity diet. Challenging, but not “fine tuning” for an experienced lifter, and also geared towards weight loss.

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I have a 4 week challenge perfectly suited for “getting yourself back into shape.” Here it is:

Get to the gym 4 times a week and log all 16 of your workouts.

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I’m a big fan of your philosophies. Have these thought patterns always been yours or are they informed by anything such as pieces of literature that you recommend? Feel free to point me to your log if I’ve missed it.

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Oh thanks man, bits of both really! I’m a bit boozed right now so I’ll type something up tomorrow in my log and tag you that might explain it a bit better?

But essentially at my core, I don’t have a ‘dark’ place that most people do, rather a positive place that takes joy in giving stuff a crack while I can, win lose or draw