Has Anyone Designed the Post-Injury Rebuild Protocol?

Wondering if anyone knows of research done on rebuilding muscle after a significant injury. Starting with a few basic beliefs:

  1. While recovering from an injury, we are going to lose some of our size and strength. Atrophy due to lack of use, immobility, nerve damage, etc.
  1. Once healthy, we are going to get back in the gym and build that size/strength back.
  1. Due to “muscle memory” or whatever you know it as, it shouldn’t take as long to “rebuild” as it did to build up the first time.

So, I’m wondering if much work has been done on figuring out what type of programs and methods are fastest/most efficient for recovering that size and strength?

This is not about “rehab exercises”. This is more about taking the same principles we’ve researched and experimented with for regular growth (volume, tempo, set/rep schemes, concentric vs eccentric, etc) and seeing how it applies specifically to rebuilding.