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Has Anyone Competed After Ruptured Patellar Tendon?

And come back to compete in strongman again??? This probably belongs in the injury forum, but since I want to be specific to strongman, I’m putting it here.

I am 31days post-surgery after a complete rupture. I had the version when my tendon rupture in the middle (doc said it looked like spaghetti), not torn off the bone. I know it will be a long slow recovery, but I really want to hear from someone who actually competed in strongman after this injury. I’m 43 years old also, so I don’t really have youth on my side.

@T3hPwnisher ruptured his ACL and a bunch of other stuff and competed/competes again.

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Not strongman specific, but lots of powerlifters have come back from patellas, so it can be done.

Somewhere in here Louie talks about returning to the gym after rupturing his patella tendon. He mentions pushing a wheel barrow, like a “crutch on wheels” at first. Also sled dragging to work your legs without being under the weight or bending the knees too much. Then box squatting to limit how far forward your knee goes when you squat, to take stress off the patella tendon.

Yup. ACL was ruptured and I am missing 20% of my meniscus. Also fractured the patella. Ligaments and bone rather than tendons, but it’s all recoverable.

Maybe not to 100%, but to something.