Has Anyone Carb Cycled?


At the end of my cycle, I was thinking about carb cycling so cut down. I must say this is my first cycle and at the end of week 4 I have seen amazing gains!!! I never expected to explode like this.

Starting weight was 218lbs at 12%bf, and after 4 weeks i am 241 at 14%bf. The gains from running Test prop., Tren ace., and Eq have been unbelieveable.

But back on subject, if anyone has carb cycled, what did your carb days look like. I was thinking 3 day low carbs, 1 high day?? But I don’t know how many grams I should strive for. Let me know what you think

get xplode-XL, its a carb time release formula, 58 grams per serving

[quote]shredhead wrote:
Hey what’s up dude,
I am trying to carb cycle myself now also. I found all the info under the diet section, look for Christian Thib’s

carb cycling article, it’s on the second page halfway down. It looks killer and is pretty much all there, but I am trying to get him to answer my questions about a different workout time than the three he used as examples.

One has a second post workout meal 90 minutes after the immediate post wkout meal, one has the second three hours after the first, and one has the second three and a half hours after the first. (protein/carb meals). Anyway, you’ll get a ton of info there. I’m still waitin for an answer…good luck bro.

I will take a look at Thib’s article. I appreciate the help and will continue to look at that thread to see his response to your ques. I have two close friends who are trying to get their pro card this year, so if they give me an answer, i will reply back to you. Thanks again