Has Anyone Actually Gotten Benefits from HCG?

Your levels peaked then they may have fallen on the next day. HCG can reach its half life in some people in 12-15 hours

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You’re making me consider another 100iu tomorrow. Hmmm

I’m also wondering if my recent issues are stemming from really ramping up my training. Been lifting 3 days a week for an hour each time, and 3 more days of cardio (sometimes more if I run a little after lifting).

Feels great but man has it been exhausting.

Introducing heavy training can cause a lot of short term issues
I changed my workout program and I get hunger issues these days again :smiley:

Why dont you inject hcg every day for 2 weeks, maybe even smaller dose like 75ui?

For two weeks you should be stable on hcg its half life is short as I said

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Thinking about it.

I’ve been combing my logs and everything trying to figure out what the hell is wrong.

  • According to my logs, every time I’m on 154mg/week and no HCG, my libido soars a few weeks in.
  • AI use has always destroyed my E2 and libido
  • Everytime I’ve felt my best, it hasn’t been anywhere near HCG usage
  • Going to 168mg/week appears to make me feel better but hurts sexual function

But you havent tried small daily dosing of hcg

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Any reason you suggest small daily doses? Like did you read about it somewhere, or someone else having success with them?

Yes, even frequent dosing of everything usually works best man :smiley: Simple logic

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Still raises the question - is HCG the solution, and will this end up like every other time I’ve tried it?

Also reaching the point I’m considering getting a local TRT doctor so when stuff like this happens, I can check in with him/her more regularly and solve things. Saya is incredible, but scheduling 2 weeks out and getting whacked for $150 each time leaves me trying to solve my own problems quite often.

Yeah. This part does suck. I’m starting to see why Nichols does an all inclusive price for the year. Then you get unlimited visits, consults, etc.

I had to take a Monday 8am appt just to get in in under 2 weeks.


Mine have been at good times generally, but I personally feel Saya is years ahead of his PAs I’ve worked with. Great people, but he’s in another league.

Dr Rotman here in NYC has great reviews, and posts on Excelmale. I’ve seen him and he’s really smart, but he wasn’t quite Dr Saya. Namely he was really really pushing me to be on HCG. That said, I’m considering seeing him again just for insurance coverage and so I can stop in every month or two until things are ironed out.

Insurance coverage of blood tests alone would be a godsend.

You might can get them reimbursed, I know some other people have gotten it through with BCBS. You have to pay $15 but Defy will fill out the medical necessity paperwork for you then there’s probably a reimbursement form from your insurance you can use to submit it. Worth a shot.

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I’ve looked into it, they won’t :confused:

I have pretty challenging insurance to deal with as a result of being self-employed. Obamacare!

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You are with Nichols?

So you pay a lot for insurance and get nothing in return for TRT?

What I learned about the US medical system it sucks. Here I still dont get a log but dont pay a lot as well. The issue is there is not a nearly sensible TRT doctor at least 3-4 countries away, remote consultations with US doctors is the best option for me but the American prices are way over our standard :smiley:

There is no regulation, prices vary so the hospitals can take your insurance companies to the cleaners and we pay more because of it. We pay enough to put holes in our pockets and get almost nothing out of it.

Yep, what @systemlord said.

You should see the cost of an ambulance ride here. It’s almost enough to make dying on the floor more appealing!


Yes I know. The only thing I envy you are the good HRT specialists you have. I would like to be able to pay some of them annually and be able to regularly go for a physical examination there

In the US you pay for what you want. Want an all inclusive plan with a low deductible? You can. Want to pay the minimal amount monthly and have a high deductible because you don’t go to the doctor ever? You can. The reason YOUR medical coverage is “free/cheap” is because they take it out of your check. It’s the same thing except you don’t have a choice. We have folks that will buy cheap minimal coverage health care with a high deductible and get sick and then get pissed when they have to pay a lot at once. Not everyone makes the right choices and choices have consequences.


I took HCG for two consecutive years…this hypothesis of yours never happened for me. I Stayed puffy with water weight for the 2 year duration. Stopped HCG 5 weeks ago and dropped 10lbs the first two weeks and it has stayed off. No more water retention and my bacne has totally vanished…My libido, orgasms, all same as with using HCG 5 weeks in. For some of us it isn’t the Nirvana you have found. Glad you are thrilled with it. Check back With us after some time to fully evaluate. I am still evaluating how I feel without it. Time will tell. Before you ask, yes I have tried HCG daily dosing as well as EOD and E3.5D. Anywhere from 100iu to 500iu dosages…tried them all. So far I am really liking without!