Has Anyone Actually Gotten Benefits from HCG?

For those who have followed my posts, I’ve been out of a horribly toxic relationship for a couple of months now, and have been making some really positive life changes.

In the past when I tried HCG, it made my BP go up, made me feel red and “pressurized”, and really jittery/anxious. Plus, my DHEA levels are fine without it (and I believe Defy told me that likely means my pregnenolone and progesterone are fine too). That said, I can’t help but wonder if down the road, it’d be worth another shot now that I’m taking better care of my body overall.

However, I really don’t get much testicular shrinkage on TRT, and I’d rather not be fertile for a few more years at least.

I’ve heard of other benefits, but it seems nobody actually talks about them. Has anyone experienced anything else positive from HCG?

Yes. A lot. For me HCG is a GAME CHANGER. I feel much better on it. Much more physically sensitive, libido and sex are much better.
Bear in mind the first 2-3 weeks I felt groggy from it. It passed away. I experiemted with 250 UI 2 times per week, 250 UI EOD and now Im doing 100UI daily. I tried with less but I cannot get all the benefits in terms of seamen volume with 75 daily.

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Here is what i feel when i stopped using it the first 2 weeks, to sum it up a lot better, i get leaner and far less fat deposits around my waist, getting in the 3rd week how ever i start to feel like crap, i get premature ejaculation in some cases and weird orgasms, feeling like there is connection between the brain and the dick, so i think is also a must, perhaps you can use it not as often as in twice per week but is definitely needed IMO.
Usually i was doing 250 IU twice per week but thinking into doing it every 2 weeks or once per week, also doing it IM has a lot less half life

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I think this can be due to water retention from HCG that will disappear with time

Yeah about that i have been on HCG from the start 3 years ago, if it hasn´t gotten better by now i doubt it ever will, anyhow maybe because i was on a higher Test E dose, i haven´t given it a real chance now that i found out the ideal dose for me, we´ll see

When I change my TRT dose by 20mg I feel like crap before I feel better around week 8. Once your body gets used to something and you change it that should be expected. You may feel better without it given enough time.


I remember you saying this. Seems to take about 6 weeks for me. This shoddy ass libido lately though sure is making it tough.

I thought I read somewhere that for both HCG and Clomid if you’ve never done AAS then they can be helpful…If you’ve done roids I heard that they cause massive depression/problems.

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Never touched them :confused:

I’ve heard of you fought in a Kumite against a jacked Chinese guy who can flex each chest muscle individually before the fight then HCG & Clomid won’t work for you. Jean-Claude Van Damme is so fucked…

Have you ever run Test by itself to see how you felt? From what I remember you have been on HCG from the get go.

I have tried test only for 4 weeks but on week 3 I started to experience issues that were fixed by HCG

Yes, two kids.

Im gonna get back on HCG soon, but only to see if it makes a good difference. Been off for 3 weeks. Balls shrank but everything else is good to go. The ball ache went away 2 weeks ago. If I restart them, Im sure the ache will return. So will see if any noticeable changes appear after 4 weeks

It’s true but irrelevant…When you can dance like this you can take an AI, HCG and Clomid and still feel good enough to knock some thai MFer’s the fuq out…

Well, in an act of desperation and curiosity, I tried 100IU HCG yesterday.

Hours later it felt like I had some more energy and a nice mood boost. Balls are night and day hanging lower. I’m shocked that 100IU would do that, but they haven’t been tight in nearly 24 hours now.

Today not so much. Really anxious, and definitely no positive sexual effects.

Have a feeling HCG and I were not meant for each other!

Try 50iu -75iu. You were shocked 100iu worked so well. Maybe you are sensitive to it. You are trying to just barely find the threshold of stimulation where there are no sides.

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Why didnt you inject today as well maybe you would feel better as well :smiley:

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Lol the thought did cross my mind

I shot up 100iu today. Not expecting much but lets see if my balls swell!