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Has Anybody Used AIR ALERT III?


If so can you please tell me the gains you saw and some helpful tips while doing it. Also if I already can jump pretty high should I still expect to see the 8-12 inches. Any info would be great guys. Thanks


i do not know Air Alert III, but i do know Air Alert II and i assume they are simular. I think that there are definatley better vertical jump workouts out there. im not saying that Air Alert wont get you results, it very well may, but the volume of the workout is ridiculous. It has you doing thousands of repititions with body weight exercises 5 days a week. very few people can maintain that volume without injury. i would recomend trying this instead
also its free.


The only way you'll see 8-12 inches is if you watch a porno while doing the workouts...


nope aa3 is not a good program at all


Never used it, but don't expect 8"-12" for this type of workout.



if you want to mess your knees up do air alert


air alert is complete crap