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Has AI Made You Depressed?

Hey Fella’s,

Been a while since I posted. I’m currently on TRT for overall wellness and to keep performing like I was young. My initial Test levels weren’t super low but I needed a bump due to a few personal reasons.

That being said my initial protocol was the following:
.5ml Test Cyp every Monday & Thursday
.5 mg Anastrozole every Monday & Thursday
330iu HCG every M-W-F

On this protocol I was feeling fucking great. But I didn’t follow the protocol initially as I left out AI due to many recommendations and ended up skyrocketing my Estradiol to almost 90. So I added it and all was good.

6 months later of bloods and I was showing 1500 Test levels so we dropped it down to .35ML every M & Thursday, and I dropped 1 dose of Anastrozole and only take .5mg on Monday.

A couple weeks ago I had my blood tested and now I’m showing the following:
Test, Serum: 1096
Free Test: 28.5
DHEA, Sulfate: 275.6
SHBG: 39.0
Estradiol: 50.9

It was suggested I drop my test down to .2ml Monday & Thursday and add back the Thursday dose of Anastrozole. But here is what’s happening:
-Shit that went down between me and my wife 5 years ago is bubbling me up and caused me some issues.
-Depressed about really old shit that happened
-Overall don’t feel like the confident boss that I did before.
-Dragging ass a bit more!

Is the Anastrozole fucking with me?

Also, I’ve increased the intensity of my workouts before switching my dose with very intense interval training sessions. This has allowed me to drop a significant amount of fat and lean up.

Should I be dropping the Ai all together? Did I drop my dose too low of Test?

Appreciate the help guys and happy to answer any follow up questions.


Why did you drop your dose if you were feeling great? Dropping your dose because of the number, rather than symptoms is no Bueno. I believe the answer is usually a higher dose, not lower.

As for the AI, most here will tell you to avoid at all cost. I’m 3 weeks into eliminating the AI. I’m feeling pretty good, but can’t give advice in that area.

Because I’ve been over 1,000 Test levels for over 6-8 months now. I started to get back acne (not much but some as I never get acne) and they advised to drop the dose.

Are most guys running levels over 1,000 long term or you keeping it in the 900 range?

Mine was at 1340, free-T 29 the last time I checked, but I’ve increased dose a bit since then, so I imagine it’s around 1500 now. Free-T is the important number. I’ll take TT to 3000 if that’s what it takes to feel good. I think most folks here are 1000+.

Yes anastrozole was screwing with you because anastrozole half-life is 40-50 hours and you were taking it once weekly, this means your estrogen levels are on a rollercoaster ride lower in the beginning of the week and higher towards the end.

You are making too many moves at once, you decreased your T dosage and began taking the AI 2x weekly instead of 1x both moves which will drop estrogen and now I wouldn’t be surprised if estrogen is knocked low.

Just so you know nobody has any idea how much Test you are injecting because T dosing strength is in milligrams, not ml.

I is.

Apologies here. It’s 200MG/ML.

Since this is my first week making the drop, is it safe to go back up since I wasn’t having any of these issues?

What would you guys do here?

It is and I would.

Lastly. What’s your opinion on leaving out the AI or keeping the protocol of 1mg twice a week while upping my Test dose?

Thank you for the advice guys!

Don’t take the AI. I use 200mg/week and have been for a while. The first year I took an AI. It wasn’t until months after stopping the AI that I realized just how much better I could feel. Drop it. You’ll be happy you did. Estrogen affects many things in a positive way that you inhibit when using an AI.

Thank you. This makes me feel better about dropping it. I’ve never had an issue with Gyno so I understand that AI should be taken when symptomatic.