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Harvey Weinstein is a Scumbag, and Everyone Knew It


Many people knew, nobody cared. It’s literally been in jokes for years. NBC refused to run a story about it for fear of lawsuits.

The recording of him trying to coerce a young Italian lady into his hotel room is disturbing.

He bundled money for Dems, which is only really tangential. That’s what makes it a political story. In almost no other business could you aggressively chase skirts like this and get away with it.


I heard this on my way to work. What a piece of shit.


2013 Academy Awards. Put on your little pink hat with the ears and skip to Minute Marker 3:22.


You know what? TheMister and I were recently talking about how the mandatory (every two years) sexual harassment training required of everyone at his work now includes all the language like “microaggressions.” I was saying that it’s a bit ridiculous that we have to make everyone afraid to tell someone, "I like your dress or, “Your hair looks nice today.”

This kind of thing isn’t going to help wind that back at all.

Do you guys have language about microaggressions and triggers in the HR training for this? I’m curious about how widespread the new SJW language is now.


Just for the creep factor.



It was probably in the 150 page HR booklets nobody reads.

At the investment bank I worked at they were installing big windows with no blinds in every office and conference room. They put out a memo that no two employees could be alone in any room without a window, for any reason, regardless of gender, unless the door was wide open. No exceptions. There were further rules about travel and meals.

Those type of rules keep vulnerable people safe and protect against fraudulent allegations. You can’t molest someone you’re never alone with.

My guess is they had to pay out a settlement and went with the nuclear option to keep it from ever happening again. Our high school had the same policy with teachers & students. Pretty smart.


I work for a very large national corporation I’m sure you’ve at the very least driven by if not purchased something from. I work at corporate hq. none of these things happen during HR nor is there any emphasis on anything remotely SJW-y

Coincidentally, yesterday I told a female coworker (young, attractive, about my age, married (we both are)) that I liked her dress. I actually had coffee with her this morning and we both said some off-color jokes.

I also have a few friends who work in similar corporate environments in the Northeast and from what I know they don’t experience this type of crazy shit from HR or from the corporate culture. I’m sure if something inappropriate or unprofessional were to happen, HR would handle it the way they handle it, but nah, haven’t experienced this since I left he military (10 years ago).

I mean, it really boils down to, in the environment I work in, “reading the room” and the people with who you associate. But there’s no real immediate threat from SJWs - I really can’t imagine any professional (i.e. private sector and the like) environment where SJW shit would fly in any meaningful way for any significant amount of time. I’m sure there are other factors that contribute to my insulation from such non-sense, though.

As an afterthought about the micro-aggression language: It’s not conducive to efficient business to put such ridiculous limitations on language. Business would basically grind to a halt if we had to “watch what we say” to the degree these SJWs and micro-aggression advocates want or think is reasonable.


I work for a very large company as well and have never been asked to take this type of training.


Well, except at Fox News. :slight_smile:


Or the white house circa the 90’s. :troll:

While it’s great to poke fun when the other team has jagoffs on board… this behaviour is beyond the pale. I would quit if anyone asked me to help rape people. I don’t know how he had so many people help him. LA man.


The thing that really confuses me about this story is the amount of arbitrary power that Harvey Weinstein appears to have had. I get that he made some good movies. But how did he get an entire industry to not only not care, but actually help him? It’s not like there weren’t other people with money and ideas to make movies.

I don’t even really think he has that much name recognition with the general public for drawing an audience. He may have clout in LA, but I’ve never heard somewhat excited to see a movie because Harvey Weinstein was involved.

In other words, I don’t understand why Hollywood is such an arbitrary oligarchy.


Yep. He’s beyond despicable. But his life, as he knows it, is completely over. His wife packed up the kids and left him and, to borrow a Hollywood phrase, he’ll never work in that town again. I won’t be the least bit surprised if he eats a bullet in the near future.


My boss and I were betting on where he’d go. A non extradition country? He can go sexually harass Julian Assange lol.

What blows my mind though. A guy that rich could spend $10,000 a day on grade-A call girls and never notice the expense. Hell he could start a brothel just for him. Sex addiction solved without hurting anyone. That one British guy built his own pervert island with bestiality and everything.

Harvey had to go full sociopath and pressure women into it. If he has any humanity left he’ll hang himself.


It’s probably because he isn’t the only one. I shouldn’t even write probably. There are a bunch of assholes like him and that’s how they get away with it.


That doesn’t have the power trip that sexual harassment involves.

He’s a creep and deserves any consequences he gets. I’m equally baffled he got away with it for so long.


Yep. It’s about power, not sex.


Really high status ones too. I can’t believe that this festered for so long.


Am I the only one who thought Weinstein was gay? Not that there is anything wrong with it.


I’ve had a similar “What the hell…” discussion with my dad whenever almost any pro athlete gets busted for DUI at 2AM on their way home from the club. Dude, you can afford to hire a driver. Or just build your own personal nightclub in your basement with your very own personal bartender, for fuck’s sake.

Of course, as pointed out, this isn’t just about sex, but power.

Two more drive-by thoughts while I’m here:

Right? It’s one thing to pull this on waitresses-hoping-to-become-actresses, but from what little I’ve read about this case, there are some very, very big-name women that were on his list of victims. How this never really came to a head before…

And also:

I’m not exactly a movie buff, but I didn’t even know who Harvey Weinstein was until this became a story.


I read earlier today that Brad Pitt is the only one who confronted him about it. It was in the 90’s before Pitt had made it; he was dating Gwyneth Paltrow at the time and Weinstein had put his hands on her and made advances. I guess Pitt got in his face at a movie premier and told him if he ever touched her again he’d give him a “Missouri whooping”.