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Harvard Professor is a Powerlifter


A professor at Harvard is apparently a pretty good amateur powerlifter.


What's more impressive: the fact that he's a powerlifter or the fact that he's a professor at Harvard at the age of 30?


Hey that's my training partner!


It's more impressive that he's just a normal guy. He probably is pound for pound the strongest guy at facility, but he's level headed, and probably one of the best guys to have around with when you're at the gym. A very motivational guy.


This guy is the shit! WOW!!!!


no bullshit?

pics or it didn't happen

that's fucking cool man


I don't knwo too many Harvard Professors, but then again i don't train at harvard.


I'm the guy holding the one board in the video, wearing the bench shirt at 1:15 in the video


He's also the guy giving me the cues during my bench in the video.


Both...and he isn't just a powerlifter but apparently one who has accomplished quite a bit in that activity. What sucks is that they present it as if it is truly strange to see someone who is good in academics and in the weight room. It takes the same hard work to make truly impressive progress in the gym as it does to make impressive progress in education and career.


It's not strange, but it IS rare.

And he was at Yale before he went to Harvard.


I'm equating normal with being humble, with a guy that accomplished so much by age 30, you'd figured he'd have a large ego. We don't lift at Harvard, we train in Everett lol.


for some reason it's accepted that strong and intelligent preclude each other. if only it weren't so.


That is truly awesome, especially at his age. Very motivating to see a guy like that.


fuck yeah!

dude that's awesome


That's a no brainer surely.


im going to start training @ TPS just so i can be on TV


Truly Inspiring


I can really appreciate his comment about the objectivity of lifting. You either do it or you don't. There is no grey area, no fudging, no "close enough". The iron doesn't lie.



Did anybody notice his wife wouldn't watch him compete, and told the paper she originally thought he was just fat and that he wasn't a handy guy? Sounds like a bitch.


That's one hell of a man. I hope one day I can accomplish something similar. Great guy me thinks.