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Harvard - Any Crimsons Here?


Any crimsons in here? Any aspiring Harvardians , or any Ivy for that matter, or especially renowned university?
Share your experiences and credentials.
Im an aspiring crimson.


< - - - - - - - - - Hardknock U. college is for smoking pot and chasing pussy. thats it~


things i surely will do mein freund :stuck_out_tongue:


That's what people who never went always say. And its always funny.


Go to Penn State.


I went to a very prestigious high school


I went to an online university, you might like it. only took me 5 yrs.




Mommy and daddy were poor :frowning:


Night class?


yep, that's why I ended up going to a state school


I was being sarcastic, Binky. :slightly_smiling:

There's a few reasons I didn't go to college and money was probably in the top 4 on the list.


Top 4 reasons that ImHUNGry didn't go to college
1) didn't want to waste time smoking pot and skipping class on his parents dime
2) Was already getting all the pussy a Tiger could handle
3) was already gainfully employed, and didn't need any bullshit credential to tell people that he knows his shit
4) why get into debt for no reason?

no, tigger...don't thank me~


I know Harvard's rep. has taken a beating lately. A couple of articles and TV programs discussing the "what grade do you think you deserve?" approach to assessment, though what really made the school look bad was interviews with students who said quite.self-righteous (entoned with that certain something the spawn of wealthy parents possess) that they deserved A's in their classes because they deserved A's. The question of earning the grade, which they were asked about, was not a consideration.

It has been a tag line for decades that the hardest past of Harvard is getting in. Pay the bill and get your degree.


So not to be a complete ass, if you are wondering about things to do to get in I can talk to my wife who generally has a fair number of her students go to an ivy school each year.


Your interjection sounds like bs justification to me, it always is.

Oh wait, you have me on ignore so you swoop in on a quote, leave a cheap comment and bounce.

Anyways, my fake credentials allowed me to manage a few degree free old dudes straight out of grad school.

They had shitty attitudes too bc no matter how long they had been at the company, they would always ceiling at a certain level where degrees are required.

And most respectable companies require degrees for hire at a certain level, grad degrees increasingly more so.

"Hard knock" isn't a choice with a genuine option.


Lol!! Not quite like that....

1) School was a mind-fuck for most of my life and I just needed to get away from it.
2) After I graduated, I did various construction and warehouse work, which I hated and loved with a passion.
3) I had NO idea what I wanted to be when I grew up... NO direction whatsoever.
4) Parents offered to pay for any schooling, even though money wasn't saved for it. But, being upper middle class, they could swing it, somehow. (That's what they said, anyway)

So, see 1,2,3 to understand the reasons I didn't take them up on their offer.

Didn't think i'd reply with a serious answer, huh?


BC. ya baby!


Already have my order in on the new clothing line.


Getting my doctorate from Ball So Hard University.


Harvard is for rich Miss Nancies.