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I just don't really get it Iv'e ben doin bodybuilding since now maybe a year or a year and 3 mounths I wanted to bulk so I gained about 6 to 9 kilgs but still my chest is to small when I look at the mirror specially in the morning my body look harch Im like thin with fats that doesn't show wich are hiding my muscles. I think I have fats but its hard and not showing I tried toa diet and shit workout 5 to 6 days a week I even planed to start some cardio and did but even I get thin or the pic that I eplained. I heard about players asking doc and showing their body an stuff but I guess we don't have these in our country unless Ill give a try with some of the trainers?


If anyone makes it all the way through this post without their brain aching, let me know.


Here, allow me to translate. :

I didn't even try to correct the grammar because I couldn't figure it out. Here's what I think he's trying to say:

He's been working out for a little over a year. He wanted to get big so he started by bulking, but he's not happy with his progress.

Here's the part that blew my mind: He's thin, he has fat that doesn't show, yet the fat that doesn't show is covering his muscles, which also don't show. In otherwords, I think he's a shadow.

This is further substantiated by the fact that he states that he THINKS he has fats but that they don't show. I think he's referring to the fatty tissue that cushions his organs, which would explain why the fats don't show.

He has also tried to diet and shit out everything inside of his body, followed by cardio five or six times a day, but this had the (apparently) uanticipated effect of making him thin.

I think he also forgot that he posted here:

Where he states that he doesn't do deadlifts but he does do curls, and here:


Where he states that he's 83 years old, not 18 like we previously thought, and here:


Where suddenly his training age has dropped from just over a year to 8 months.

So, in essence, we have an anorexic, bolemic, ignorant, attention-deficit-disorder-having, stubborn elderly gentleman in a child's body.

Lord, help us.

Oh, and in case you're wondering? Yes, I did have a serving of Crabby Flakes this morning, so GET OFF MY ASS!!!


First of all as always Im from Italy so english is not my first language 2nd I don't need your answer baby and I thought this website is for all people and to help other people or is it just putting a question one time and leave this website or is it just for people from usa. Iv'e posted the same questions in other fourms and no body complained unless here so as I said if you don't like it don't answer Im to gentelman here to talk with you and I think this website should be called t-americans only??? Imean wtf


LMAO PSlave!!!


I realize you don't speak English well, but it is hard to tell exactly what you are asking. Are you worried about being too fat, or not gaining enough muscle? If you can try to clarify some more people will be able to help you out some.


Unfortunately, its an English Speaking website. No special concessions are made for those who don't speak English, and furthermore why and how could there be ?

So not just Americans but English (funnily enough), Scottish, Irish, New Zealanders,South Africans (most of), Australians etc etc. If you can't write in English and make grammatical sense then its not other people's fault.


Someone call in the codebreakers.


It's going to be hard to put on muscle and lose fat at the same time. From what you are saying, it sounds like you are pretty light for your height, but not very lean.

You should choose a goal: Get lean or put on muscle. Both MIGHT happen, but not necessarily.

You've been lifting 1 1/2 years, so that's still pretty new (speaking as a relative newbie, myself). How much progress have you made in that time? Tell us your stats now and when you started.

Body Fat %

What type of routine do you follow?

What type of diet do you follow? How many calories? What types of food? What macro ratios? etc.

Also, what's your history? Have you been skinny in the past, average, or fat?


You may catch a little less flak if you start using periods at the end of your sentences.


Ok ill start with my workout:

Sat: Chest and biceps-
1: Incline bench 4 reps 12 10 8 6
2: Decline bench: 4 reps same
3:Dips or any other exe like over but mostly dips 4 reps 10 10 8 8
4: Any other exe for 3 reps

Biceps: stright bar 4 reps 10 10 8 6
2:dumbble wich I got sick from cause didnt raelly get any good reasults. For reps the same
3: Hammer or any other ex for 4 reps

Sun: Rest

Mon: back and trisceps and for arms

Back: start with chin ups wide hand for reps each rep about 4 to 5 sets all I can do

2: chin ups but diffrent hand posistion

3: Bent Barbell Rows 4 reps

4: 1 Arm Dumbbell Row for 4 reps 10 10 8 8

5: Seated Pulley Rows 4 reps but sometimes 3 reps 10 10 8 8

6: dead lift: 3 reps used to do for

Triceps: start with cabel Triceps Pulldowns for 4 reps

2: skull crusher My basic for 4 reps

3: Kickbacks, dips or one arm dubble the casule one for 4 reps

forearms 3 exe each three reps

Tuesday: Rest

Wed: Start with the same routine but with leg and shoulders exe on thurs

My food is about 6 meals

Break fast: Need to go to college very fast so I only eat 2 white eggs, serial and a milk. After 2 to 3 houres were Ill be very hungry I eat about 5 more white eggs with serial once again.

After 3 to 2 houres I eat brown rice and stead fish

After 2 to three houres I eat tuna with salad or sweet pota

After one houer I drink my whey protien 30 min before my workout with a banana or a sweet potato

Then once again protien shake then after one houer a grilled chicken or so or grilled beef

I know my english is crap so Im very sorry if any one didnt understand.

I was about 68 now Im 81 most of my fat is in my butt an legs.


How do I know my body fat or my calories?



Ascolta, che vuoi fare? Perdere peso o mettere su massa muscolare?

Per calcolare le calorie vai qua:


Poi, smetti il programma che stai facendo e beccati Art of Waterbury di Chad Waterbury che e uno spacco totale.

Altra cosa, dimentica le braccia, concentrati sul resto del corpo che le braccia seguono! Devi fare chin-up e rows per far crescere le braccia. Fai anche deadlifts che fortificano la tua schiena il che ti permette di sollevare piu pesi quandi fai curls.

Comunque metterai su 1 inch per braccio per ogni 5-6 kili che guadagni. Ti consiglio di dimenticare la panza, il sedere e le gambe grasse e conitnuare a lavorare. Se vuoi risultati diventerai abbastanza grasso. Pero poi quando perdi il grasso sarai figo! :slight_smile:


N'altra cosa, Art of Waterbury, fallo solo per 4 settimane, poi trovati un altro programma suo.. Tipo Waterbury Method, o Quattro Dynamo, etc...


N'altra cosa ancora.. dimentica is body fat.. quello salira parecchio.. devi usare lo specchio e devi pesarti parecchio. Dovresti guadagnare tra 0.25 Kg e 0.5 Kg a settimana. Se stai mettendo su piu di questo vuol dire che stai mettendo su piu grasso che muscolo.

Io ti consiglio di pesarti tutti i giorni di mattina e non solo una volta a settimana perche se nel giorno che ti pesi non hai cagato sarai piu pesante, o se sei uscito a trincare la sera prima sarai piu leggero.. etc..


Quick translation for non-italian speakers:

Post 1:
Just gave him a link to an article which explains how to calculate the amount of calories he needs. Also explains how many more he needs in order to bulk.

I also told him to take one of the Waterbury Programs (AoW in this case) and give that a shot instead of the program he is using. Adding in that he needs chins and rows in order to hit bi's hard as well as Deadlifts to strengthen his back which will allow him to curl more.

Last paragragh was about gaining 1 inch of arm every 5 - 6Kg. Also not to worry about the fatness, it's part of the fun! :slight_smile:

Post 2:
Told him to do AoW for only 4 weeks and then switch to another Waterbury program.

Here i amended the first post and said he shouldn't really bother with bf% and jsut use a mirror. I told him to weigh himself on a regular basis and make sure he is gaining roughly 0.25 - 0.5Kg a week which is a decent balance between muscle/fat gain..

That's it. If you want to disagree or agree.. now you can :slight_smile:


I already do chins and deadlifts and all that but also workout my bic's.. from where do I get Waterbury Method and is it better then my workout. I didn't really get the Last paragragh was gaining 1 inch of arm every 5 - 6Kg and the gaining roughly 0.25 - 0.5Kg a week which is a decent balance between muscle/fat gain.. and how would I know that?


Whats the AoW article your talking about? I have read some of his articles sounds hard it's like doing bench presses and deadlifts and chins in the same day http://www.T-Nation.com/readTopic.do?id=905832

kind of new to me


I don't think you are Italian....so if you are not, don't try to pass yourself off as one. It's offense to Italians. And, if you really are Italian then I'm embarrassed because you are... well, embarrassing.

However, if by some chance you really are and you need help with your English, send me a private message and I'll do what I can to help. You could also ask Algian, he's already been more patient with you than I have.

I'm really betting you are not Italian though.


If this guy has worked out a way to shed years, then please post your routine!