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Harry Potter (Contains Spoilers)


For those of you who have read it, how awesome was this book?! Personally, I was very surprised by a few things:

First, I didn't expect Snape to end up actually being on Voldemorts side. I mean, who would have expected Dumbledore to make such a huge error in judgement?

Second, I thought for sure that Voldemort would be the Half-Blood Prince. After all, the book was dated 50 years back, so it wasn't logical that it was Snape's.

Third, I never pictured Harry ending up with Ginny, and Ron with Hermione. I always thought Harry would get Hermione. I didn't figure Ron was important enough to end up with her.

And who do you guys think R. A. B. is? The guy who wrote the letter meant for Voldemort in the fake Horcrux? The only name I can think of would be Sirius' brother, Regelus Black, although I don't know what his middle name is.

But yeah, I just thought it was a really entertaining book, and I felt like discussing it a bit.


Rumor has it that Harry Potter will be on Prime Time tonight with Christian Thibaudeau. He'll be talking about is new "Hogwarts for Hardgainers" routine. Should be sweet!!


*Snape was working for Dumbledore.


Don't get mad at me...the title of this thread said there'd be spoilers. (And no, I haven't read the book, and now, luckily, I don't need to!!)

For a better view, try:


1) We don't know that for sure, yet. There's another book to come, and there is always the possibility that things with Snape are not as they seem.

2) JK Rowling had already said that Voldemort was NOT the half-blood prince. It would've been too easy anyway, since we'd already had a book from Tom Riddle. As far as being 50 years in the past: wizards live longer than muggles. Dumbledore was around 150 years old, for example.

3) Come on, man! She'd been hinting at it from the beginning, with Ginny's strange behavior around Harry. No other children acted that way. Further, she's had Ron and Hermione bickering and having spats, and the CoS was certainly hinting at it heavily when Hermione dated Krum.

4)Possibly Sirius' brother, Regulus. In tOotP, there was a mysterious locket that none of the children could open. Just a thought.


I have a feeling that Snape is not truly on Voldies side. I think he understood that he had to do what he had to do, since the unbreakable vow, and did it.

Also, I like the relationships formed. Both of them work well.

I think the Half Blood is a mix of Snape and Snape's mom. Remember, she was at school 50 years ago. That is how the book got Snape. He made most of the notes though.

As for whose initials, well, I don't know.

I didn't like what happened to Dumbledore, that bothered me..


Best book in the series so far. Although, she does snip up some loose ends rather curtly.

Mark my words, don't write Snape off yet. Remember, Dumbledore KNEW that Snape was obligated to kill him. Especially in front of other Death Eaters. Also, the argument between Bellatrix and Snape at the beginning of the book becomes much more relevant. Don't forget, Snape aided The Order in more ways than Bellatrix knows.

Rowling said before the book was even released that neither Harry nor Lord Voldemort was the HBP.

Personally, I think you were blind/naive to not foresee the Ron/Hermione coupling. If you're over the age of about 16, the love/hate relationship they have is rather cliche. Harry/Ginny was a moderate surprise.

I am currently working under the assumption that R.A.B. MUST be Regulus. Regulus was killed by Volde himself, which was supposed to be a rare honor.
More entertaining than thinking about who R.A.B. is, is thinking about who helped him. Remember, Harry and Dumbledore had to work together to get the Horcrux, and Harry even says/thinks that it would take two people to get it. Regulus was dead at 18 and someone helped him get the Horcrux, who? I'm not willing to say Snape, but I could easily entertain the notion.

One last entertaining, mostly baseless thought; Voldemort's bond with his snake is much akin to Dumbledore's bond with Fawkes and what better Horcrux than a bird that won't die, the symbol of The Order, the one thing that Harry thinks he sees rising from Dumbledore's pyre?


Remember Dumbldore and snape have that mind reading thing going. I still have the feeling that Snape is on the good side or he would have killed Harry when he had the chance. As far as the relationship thing goes, Herminone and Ron should not have been a surprise. HBP wouldd have to have been someone good at Potions. Who would be better to be chosen to teach Potions. I have no clue as to who R.A.B. is. I thought the book was good. Any guesses what the last Horcrux is? Maybe Harry himself?


Couldn't happen, because Dumbledore would have to murder to have a horcrux.


That would be my guess. Remember that Voldemort was preparing to make his final horcrux with Harry's death. Dumbledore assumed (or at least told Harry) that Voldemort was capable of making a horcrux while in his weakened state; possibly in his snake, the only available vessel. But isn't it possible that when the Avra Kadavra curse went wrong for Voldie, he ended up depositing a piece of himself in Harry? This might be a reason why Voldemort needs to kill Harry himself.

If this is true, then Harry will need to make a horrible sacrifice... a possible result that Rowling has hinted at in the past.


I think the Ron/Hermione thing is BS. What's entertaining or attractive about Ron at all as a character? Personally, I don't like him, and I don't see what anyone would find appealing about him.


You bastard!


Any one else think it's snape who is controlling voldermount. He is a very manipulative person and he did convince voldermount to kill harry's parents.


I can't recall (I could easily be wrong) anyone ever saying Dumbledore never did/would kill anyone. Considering the deaths on both sides and the magical definition of murder (e.g. magical aggrevated werewolfslaughter=murder, trollmurder in self-defence=murder, etc.), I find it hard to believe he hasn't at least cast a lethal spell or two. And I only read it over twice, but when he's trying to talk Draco down he seems more dissociative with Draco than empathetic.

I don't want to argue this too much as I'm not trying to convince anyone I'm right, I'm just guessing "for the record". If I guess wrong, I won't lose any sleep.


I think you got this right spot-on.


Depending on your interpretation of the prophecy; "And either must die at the hand of the other" could mean that if Harry dies it must be at the hand of LV. Depending on your interpretation, obviously, the prophecy isn't literal; "neither can live while the other survives" and Harry can't live forever once LV is dead.


The last Horcrux is definitely inside of Harry- think Terminator 2 style death at the end of the last book... Harry kills Voldemort then kills himself to finish the job.

JK has constantly proven herself to elevate the seriousness and adult content with each book to the point where these books are more for adults than children..

wow- do I feel lame for liking this series so much


I'm just pissed that he didn't get to play in the Quiddich Cup, fucking Snape.


Here's the only problem: Didn't Dumbledore say that all the horcruces must be destroyed before Voldemort's body? That presents a problem... perhaps Ron and Hermione must kill Voldemort. At the same time, we are assuming that an object must be destroyed to destroy the horcrux... is it possible to destroy the piece of the soul without destroying its container?


perhaps the last horcrux is not Harry himself, but his scar!!!!