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Harry Potter and the Order of the Pheonix

In my hands, I hold a fresh copy of the fifth installment of HARRY POTTER!!!

I don’t know how I’m gonna function until I’m done w/ it. :slight_smile:

Woah, baby! Congratulations, Stella! :slight_smile: I was in my local bookstore last night, and one of the cashiers was running masking tape all around the store. I was trying to figure out what she was doing, (getting ready to repaint the store, measuring to make sure the roll actually included 200 ft. of tape…?). Then, she started drawing black arrows on the tape pointing towards the cash register, and I figured it out… She was getting a jump on the Harry Potter crowds - ensuring that the inevitably massive line would wind around the store in an orderly fashion. Sheesh!

I’m in cahoots w/ my mom and sisters - They preordered a couple copies so they could all read simultaneously, and the first person who finishes will mail me theirs. :slight_smile:

Anyway, commense with the why-read-a-stupid-kid-book flames. :slight_smile:


Yeah Stella ran out of the house mid conversation last night to pic up the damn book. Tee hee hee. Silly girl. :slight_smile:

Dude, I was SOOOOOOOOOOOO MAD AT THE END! O…damn…we can talk about it after you read it, but I was livid last night.

You read the book already. Damn wish I was that fast of a reader. I think the falling asleep part is what gets me. :slight_smile:

Wow, yeah - I’m gonna be a while, since I don’t think I’ll actually have the book for a week or so. I definitely wanna spill about it when I’m done, though. If you talk about the plot, would you start a new thread with “Spoiler” in the title?

Thanks! :slight_smile:

Okay, what’s the big deal with getting the book so fast? People standing in line… Were they afraid the store would run out?

I was at a local Costco yesterday, and they had two PALLETS of these books. I had to laugh seeing that.

I started the first book, but couldn’t force myself to finish it. I just don’t like this kind of stuff. The movies weren’t bad, though.

Got my copy in the mail on Saturday. It’s off to an incredibly fast start, but I’m trying to only digest about 50-100 pages per sitting or else I’ll be pining for book 6 in a day or two.

Can someone tell me what all the hype is about?

And do you think other books would have this much hype if it was as easy to read or appealed to kids the same way?

My son (12) is right into the HP books and has read one of them 4 times and the others at least twice. From a parents point of view I am rapt, prior to this he hardly read at all now he reads in bed each night, in fact, we often have to stop him to go to sleep. HP has rekindled childrens reading which is great, the local library had something like 50 copies ordered and 350 on the reserved list.

BTW we have Book 5 on order and it should arrive Friday. I may even read them myself.

Heh - I finished it inside of 6-7 hours.

It’s a massive setup for the next books to come.

Why so livid Stella? I was glad that the person to kark it was who they were, and in terms of the effect it has on the characters it creates a very real development effect.

If I had to pick a meta-theme for the book it would be isolation, what do the rest of you think?

Well I was mad cuz I liked the person who got killed! God damn it!

I think Dumbledor’s up to something. He’s too manipulative to not be up to something. He always LEADS Harry and the gang into doing something. For example, in book 1, he gave Harry the invisibility cloak, which enabled Harry to find the magic mirror and the Sorceror’s Stone. And whenever Harry gets mad or curious or whatever, he’d do something to get Harry to agree w/ him or get him to go against the school rules (such as no running around the school/forests at night, etc.)

And Snape…I have to wonder about his true motive because he looks so damn villaineous, but he hasn’t done anything evil other than making Harry’s school year miserable. He’s the one who put countercurse on Harry in Book #1 to save him, etc.

Neville Longbottom – he’s going to be a worrysome character in the future IMHO. He seems too stupid to know/do anything, but that’s what we thought of many characters, and they turned out to be something completely different from what we expected.

I love what she did to Longbottom, his character was really well developed, and we’re starting to see that he actually has a fair bit of power, he’s just been so traumatised that it’s all in the shadows.

I love Snape - he’s just so funky. Mind you, I read an awful lot of fanfiction and some of the descriptions/ development done of Snape make look far more sympathetically towards him.

I agree with you about Dumbledore.

Tell you the truth, I was hoping Harry got killed [I hate Harry] but since that was never gonna happen I’ll just have to live with the satisfaction that another particularly annoying git got killed :slight_smile:

iscariot -

i’m going to start another thread for spoiler cuz I don’t want to spoil it for others although it may not be much of a spoiler since it’s in the beginning.

I have never read an entire book in my life, i’m 18 now. I know it’s sad but, i’ve made it through my first year at the university with a 3.4! I am however a fond believer that you do not have to read books to educate yourself. You can read magazines, newspapers and even T-Forums to improve your reading.