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Harry Pottah Pause Squattah

I’m 21 years old. I train for strength. I post in the BOI.

Current PRs:
Squat 150kg
Deadlift 180kg
Bench 120kg
OHP 85kg

In the short to mid-term I’m aiming for
Squat 400lbs/181kg
Bench 300lbs/136kg
Deadlift 500lbs/227kg
OHP 220lbs/100kg

As to the long term… we’ll see. I want to take this as far as I can.

Currently weighing in at 106kg in the morning before food. Working on cleaning up my diet.

I recently tweaked my lower back, so I’m working on maintaining a good lumbar arch and strengthening my erectors and abs.

My back and leg strength development is a priority at the moment. I’m a natural presser, so I’m not worried about the bench and OHP.

Current split is a twice weekly Push-Legs-Pull routine of my own devising. First push day is heavy bench and light OP, second is reversed. One leg day is centred on the deadlift, the other the squat. Back days are just a shit ton of pendlay rows, lat pulldowns, chins etc. I take rest days when life intervenes or I feel like total shit.

Current priorities
-Increase ab and erector strength to protect my lower back
-Generally increase leg and back strength
-Work on hip mobility and glute activation
-Get into better sleeping habits (i.e. sleep more and get to bed earlier)
-Clean up diet


Foam rolling
Hip mobility
Glute activation (Justice’s idea)

  1. Conv DL
    155kgx5 (no belt)
    150kgx5 (belt)
    These felt hard today, perhaps due to shrugs yesterday. Lower back seems to be back on form - hooray!

  2. Deficit (one plate) snatch grip deadlifts - Justice’s idea
    Erectors were screaming, and I got some excellent quad stimulation and grip work.

  3. Standing cable abs - Justice’s idea
    When I can’t sit up tomorrow morning, I shall curse the name of Justice.

  4. Calf machine

what’s in the bag? what’s in the bag? what’s in the baaaaaaag?

[quote]spar4tee wrote:
what’s in the bag? what’s in the bag? what’s in the baaaaaaag?[/quote]

My magic wand. I am a wizard, after all.

[quote]Consul wrote:

[quote]spar4tee wrote:
what’s in the bag? what’s in the bag? what’s in the baaaaaaag?[/quote]

My magic wand. I am a wizard, after all.
Can you see the future?



I see no pause squats.


IN on this ride, yO!

LOL hello everyone.


  1. V-handle chins - I decided to go for a high number of sets with a low number of reps, as an easy way of getting volume in without burning out on one set to failure. Worked well.

  2. Pendlay rows
    100kgx3 --> PR but a little sloppy

  3. Moar chins

  4. Poundstone curls
    20kgx50 --> PR bicep and forearm pump of death.

  5. Standing cable abs
    75kgx9,7 -->PR

  6. Plank

Solid session. Starting to enjoy chins - I’ve neglected them for far too long. I could do Pendlay rows all day.

[quote]spar4tee wrote:

[quote]Consul wrote:

[quote]spar4tee wrote:
what’s in the bag? what’s in the bag? what’s in the baaaaaaag?[/quote]

My magic wand. I am a wizard, after all.
Can you see the future?

That’s very advanced magic. That’s on next year’s curriculum at Hogwarts.

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[quote]AquaCruzer wrote:
I see no pause squats.[/quote]

Sowwwweeeee, Faben. I’ll do some this weekend lol.

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Genuinely LOL’d.

[quote]Spock81 wrote:
IN on this ride, yO![/quote]

Hi Spock :slight_smile:

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I invented a complex and had at it.

Pendlay row
Squat clean to press
Back squat to press

Holy crap, my conditioning sucks. The weight felt like air at the start, but it soon kicked my puny white boy ass. Felt good afterwards, though.

Heavy pressing tomorrow!

Just read Jamie Lewis’ new ebook, Destroy the Opposition. notbad.jpg. I like the look of his Intermediate Deadlift Specialist program… This will require some pondering.

Back log of training sessions to post here.

Currently running Jamie Lewis’ Intermediate Deadlift Specialist program from his latest ebook.


  1. Squat (medium weight)

Squatting felt awful on my hips, even with narrowish stance. I really need to keep pushing the mobility work.

  1. Light deadlifts

Pulls felt good.

  1. Pendlay rows (heavy)

  2. Poundstone curls

Elbows feel great now I do these consistently.

  1. Hamstring curls
    20 reps
    (13 reps)x2

  2. Lower back machine
    Tried it but didn’t get anything out of it.


  1. Heavy bench
    110kgx2,2,4(Rep PR),2,2,3

Benching felt amazing today.

  1. Light incline bench

  2. Some dips - hurt my elbows today, so moved on

  3. Light pushdowns - meh

  4. Wrist extensions - Felt like this could help balance out my forearm musculature.

The program is fun so far, and gives me a fair bit of leeway with assistance, which I like. I’m starting to feel like direct tricep work is pointless for me, but the curls are important for elbow health.

I should be squatting heavy today. Still sore from Friday, even after resting yesterday lol.


Warmed up with a shit ton of prying. This made my squats feel amazing - kudos, Justice.

  1. Heavy skwatz

  2. Medium deadlifts

  3. OHP

  4. Cable pullthroughs
    3 x high reps

I got a horrible lower back cramp after this. My lower back is definitely holding me back on squats and deadlifts.

Also, my conditioning blows. Or maybe it was the four hours of sleep and my pre-workout meal of McDonalds.

Video of my squats from the other day and one of my sets today: