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Harmon Shrugs


Ok, let me get the prerequisite, "I'm in a wheelchair and can't do deadlifts" out of the way..

So, shrugs are a boring move with very little movement. Also, I wanted to do something to simulate the top lockout portion (upper body) of a deadlift. I combined these two factors into an exercise I have not seen before.

Here is what I came up with. Set a 0-90 incline to about ..uh... this angle --> / I'm going to guess it was about 70-80 degrees. Sit facing the bench with your legs back in a nice humping posture. While lying with your body and forehead against the bench, grab a set of dumbbells. Shrug up and arch back until your body is verticle.

By doing this I was able to turn the boring DB shrugs into a lift that recruited a lot more muscle. Before this, the only way I could work my erectors to any extent was to really arch hard at the top of the move on a Hammer Strength ISO Row.

Most exercises have been invented long ago. However, if nobody has "invented" this one, it shall be referred to as a "Harmon shrug" henceforth. This is done as a matter of self-worship. =D


It's yours to name, buddy, sounds like a good plan for working on your erectors.

They're hard to grow but I bet you can stimulate them with this.


Is it similar to a Kelso Shrug, but on an angle angle?

Also, what do you mean by arch your back? Bend back so your chest comes off the near vertical part of the bench?

Kelso Shrug: http://www.weighttrainersunited.com/latshrug.html


Nope, not really like a Kelso other than the fact that it's a shrug. What I'm doing is almost upright. You sit face down into an incline bench. Also, you have to use dumbbells because the bench would be in the way. I'm trying to simulate the final lockout of the shoulders during a deadlift but then adding a little more shrug in the locked back position.


How long have you been in the wheelchair? Is it on word or what?! I saw your pics, is from your 4 wheelin' days?!????


  • 21 years - I was 16

  • Is what on word?

  • Look at the 4 wheeler pics - my feet are ducktaped on the pegs. :wink: That's why when I rode the wheelie too far back, I stayed on the 4-wheeler and wound up in that funky upright position. It drug my ass for a ways. To ride it, I had to pull the clutch with one hand and shift with the other.

  • An underage driver in a Full sized Dodge pickup, ran a stopsign, at night, with his headlights out, while stealing watermelons. I was on a motorcycle and T'd him at 60 mph.


You can do better than 'harmon shrugs'. How about... 'The Harmoniser'?

Sounds much cooler.


I second that


The Harmoniser would need to marketed by RONCO.

Harmonator! - that sounds dirty

Hormone - Would this require grunting and making fuck faces?