Harm on Wife/Upcoming Baby

I am 30 year old fit gym lover married guy and try for family planning but i am on steroid like test enan and dbol 10 week cycle.so my question is that any harm or effect for my wife or my upcoming baby when my wife going pregnant?

your baby gonna be SWOLE

na man, you’ll be fine

if you’re asking if you will have a harder time getting your wife knocked up then the answer is yes, you can try, but will have a lot more luck while you’re not taking anything.

Traditional science would say there would be no impact as your DNA was coded at your birth. However, lately, the research is in epigenetics has shown that impact is there and that it is real.

I know there are studies that shoe the father’s diet impacts the fetus. My wife was give me a hard time over whey and the non organic chicken breast I eat.