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Harley Upgrade


Thinking about getting some Vance & Hines Big shots for my 2005 Road King. Got a pretty sweet refund this year and thought it was time to give the stock bike some decent mods. Anyone here have any suggestions or comments? I been looking around the inner web but most say it is a personal preference sort of thing...


If you're searching the interwebz, take a look at J&P Cycles. They have a lot of items for Harley's. They're quality folks, too.



I will check it out. Its funny you ask 12 people you get 12 different answers. I am confused! I just don't want to spend $800 +++ and have buyers remorse...


Go to some rallies, look at the bikes, if you see mods that make you drool talk to the owners, most are proud of their toys and happy to chat.

Scraming Eagle Big Bore Carb
Modified Stock Exhaust with improved compression
Tight Racing Springs
"Fits like a glove and drives like a dream"


just saw this thread. did you buy your mufflers yet?? i'm assuming you are only buying the slip on mufflers? do you have a true dual setup or do you have the stock header pipes?? I have three different sets of mufflers that i switch off when i get bored with the different sounds and performance on my 03 road king. I have a vance and hines fuel pack that allows me to fine tune the different types of pipes. one of the sets of mufflers is the vance and hines big shots. the cool thing with vance and hines mufflers is the fact that you can take the baffles out of the mufflers easily. i took mine out and cut sections out of the middle of it and welded it back together to get better sound out of them. the stock baffles are very quiet much like stock pipes. i cut more and more out of mine until i got the sound i wanted but still provided enough back pressure on the motor to not affect performance.

here's a pick of my bike. i have fish tail straight Sampson's on it in this shot. these are the loudest pipes i've ever heard. no one can ride behind me with these.


Yeah Buddy, swwet ride Meat! I bought the whole exhuast, Vance and Hines Big Shot's. I got them early in the summer and just havn't wanted to take the bike down to get them swapped out, been riding too much. I have had the bike since 05 but this is the first major upgrade I have planned to do.


why don't you just install the new exhaust yourself? it's very straightford.


Oh I will but I didn't know how long it would take me. I was worried that it would take me a week or so or i would screw it up for the whole summer. I was also told I had to get a new Dyno tune on it after I change it. Not sure if that is true or not...