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Hare Krishna Lifter


I was at the European U23 and Junior champs in Cyprus this past week and I saw a young lifter from the UK attempting 180kilos. Kind of unusual, a) because he had only snatched 140 and b) because British athletes aren`t known to come in to these weights often. Sure enough he missed his first attempt (pretty badly) and when he came back for the second I kind of felt sorry for him. However, shouting Krishna, Hare Krishna, he put in a good effort and got it. Then he got back for 185 and made a very courageous lift. Upon succeeding, he started shouting and yelling out his Hare Krishnas again. Anybody know this guy?

I don`t care much about bringing religious views onto the platform but I was wondering...Normally you associate these guys with chanting and peace and love attitudes, not with aggressive, gut busting efforts. Sure glad to see other than the usual suspects coming into the higher lifts, though.


Peter Kirkbride seems to have done 140+185


His celebration was quite awsome imo :smiley: