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Hardstyle Music


It's like techno, but quicker beats, builds up to a climax, and a SHIT TON more bass.

Who else loves this shit as much as I do?


I live for HARDSTYLES.......




I guess I heard a little bit like it before. Warp brothers. I like though.


I thought you said hard style:




Yeah my cusin turned me on to it recently, and I'll say I agree.


Any T-Nation shufflers around?


I used to go clubbing a lot when Wink and whatever where DJing, this seems to have developed from that kind of stuff so yeah I like it.


I know its HUGE in Europe, especially the Netherlands. But lately, its been catching on in America, and its actually pretty popular in Chicago (where I live).


Where in Chicago?

It's alright for me, probably only a short amount of time that I can actually listen to that. And I'm not a fan of clubbing either. But it seems like a good spot for women.


Hardstyle is bad its all about Trance/House


If you're a fan, check out the following

Dark Oscillators
DJ Coone
Pacific Link

Good stuff!


Playlist of some dutch & italic hardcore: http://www.youtube.com/view_play_list?p=D7B79BBA4F436D8A


dj proteus!


LOL hardstyle is hardcore trance/house