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Hardganier Wants to Increase Appetite


I haven't posted in quite a while, and even though I am now an experienced lifter, I am still having trouble increasing my caloric intake. Let me give a short example.

Breakfast, which I know is very important, has always been tough for me. If I am lucky, I can finish 1 whole scrambled egg with 2 egg whites and 2 multi-grain flax plus waffles, and the times I do manage to eat this much I feel nauseous afterwards. Any other meal of the day I do just fine, but breakfast kills me.

I am open to any and all suggestions. Do you think I should get up and do a very short session of jogging or other cardio to get my body going before I eat? Should I move my workout to first thing in the morning instead of mid-afternoon? Please help. This has become very frustrating.


Can you drink in the morning?
I too have trouble eating solid foods but for example this morning I had:

1 cup fat free milk
1 cup cofee
1 frozen banana
2 scoops Metabolic Drive

Blend and voila...

I drink it in 15 minutes. It has 50 grams of the best protein, 30 grams carbs and virtually no fat which is good because some people get nauseous from eating fat in the am.

Try sticking to carbs and protein only for a while (body digests this a lot better in the am anyway) and try to come up with your own drink/liquid breakfast. Perhaps a smoothie with Biotest's new Whey protein powder..

My wife loves that and she cannot eat anything in the am either. For her i take some frozen strawberries, banana, apple and cinnamon, some water and 1 scoop of protein powder and she drinks it while driving to work.

Hope some of this helps.



The thought of solid food making someone feel sick first thing in the morning seems to be a common occurrence. I know a lot of people just start the day with a shake to solve the problem. Do a search for supershakes (a term developed by Berardi and Williams for PN); there's a pretty good recipe thread here somewhere.


IMO, eating enough to gain muscle is more difficult than a tough workout, but it has to be done...

if you're a skinny guy, morning sugar can be your friend...besides after a workout, the morning is the only time that you should be ingesting simple sugars...

the FFB crowd will jump up and down in a fit of rage, but for someone that's always been very lean (skinny), a morning pop-tart (or equivalent) can make a huge difference in your ability to add muscle...


skinny guys that are having trouble gaining muscle should NEVER jog or add additional cardio...get you 'heart health' from you ass-kicking weightlifting sessions multiple times per week...

good luck!


I usually don't have a great appetite. But I DO weight about 230 lbs. How? It's not all muscle, but I eat big anyway. I eat 3 or 4 eggs in the morning. A sandwich with a Met Drive bar at lunch, and a huge dinner (a steak or shrimp w/ salad or some other veggies) I eat apples all damn day long. It works well.

Drag a sled daily. That will make your ass hungry. So will squats and deadlifts. Go heavy. You'll want to eat the shit out of some food afterward.