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i used to think i was a hard gainer until i went to the gym and told one of the trainers that.. he laughed at me and said no such thing. he put me on an intensive workout plan doing a heavy day 4-8 reps followed by a light day 15-20 reps. i do only free weights and alot of big muscle groups. squats,deadlifts,bent over rows etc...i asked about taking supplements and he said buy protien powder and take three shakes a day and eat. he also told me to eat. then he told me to eat, and did i mention he said to eat?then he said eat more. he said try for 200 grams of protien a day and eat until you are sick. well i did what he said and i have gained fourteen pounds so far in about three weeks and i have actully lost bodyfat percentage. I have never been able to put on any weight,but know i see what he means by no hard gainers.i also must say the hardest part about training is not going to the gym, it is eating enough to gain any results. i will post more as i go.


I still believe the majority of the people claiming to be hardgainers are no such thing. If there were that many true hardgainers out there, they would all be average by default.


I was a skinny ass kid, skin and bone. I started lifting with a gallon milk jug filled with water on a broom stick because I was too weak to shoot a basketball up to the backboard. Plus I started to eat 24/7. I would set my alarm twice a night at 0200 and 0400 just to eat entire meals, beer, a gallon of milk candybars anything!

It worked well for me eating is the best, plus shakes are a life saver. You are right the heardest part for me was the eating.