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Hardgainer's Program?


I think I am a hardgainer should I try this ????



That is a serious marketing pitch and it certainly pushes all the hardgainer buttons. It reminds me of a late night infomercial.

How would we know if you should try it? We don't know anything about you.


Been here 1/2 a year and still think you're a hardgainer? You obviously don't read threads much.

Eat more food, you'll amazingly no longer be a hardgainer


Give us stats and we can judge your fate after!



This website does not suggesting eating more. So no. It is wrong.

Eat more. If you are not gaining weight after eating more, than eat more than you are eating.


binge eat at McDonalds for 1 month straight, then you wont be no hardgainer no more......


Lift heavy on the big three, eat big. No bosu ball required.


Here ya go.


OT, you can't do much better than visiting a chinese buffet at least once in a while if you're a bodybuilder or ANY kind of lifter, lol. MSG notwithstanding.



2-Lift heavy shit
5-Sleep (try eating here if possible)
6-repeat until desire amount of muscle is acquire.



What does "hardgainer" mean? Now anyone can say my opinion is wrong, but I think there is merit to the following. Give it some consideration and see if you want to continue with falling into this way of thinking.

1) Some people enjoy secretly, or not so secretly, feeling smarter than everyone else. The Hardgainer philosophy enables this. The Hardgainer looks at those who obviously have accomplished much more than he has, but gets to think to himself how stupid they are, that they do not understand correct training, and how they would do so much better if they were only so smart as he and his compatriot Hardgainers. Oh, look at that idiot doing yet ANOTHER set!

2) Almost everyone enjoys an excuse. The Hardgainer label does a super job of accomplishing this task.

3) Many enjoy imagining that others just have things handed to them on a plate. Of course, the fact is that beyond beginner gains, EVERYONE has to work hard to make gains. But putting oneself into the special category of Hardgainer lets one be in denial that others in fact really work for their gains, and lets one's own strivings seem more special.

4) Most people enjoy a justification for working less. The Hardgainer approach wins five stars here.

5) Many enjoy a pity party. Oh, woe is me! I'm a Hardgainer! Genetics! Overtraining! WaaAAAAAH!

So it's no wonder that this is appealing for many.

Now if it were true, then these other aspects while embarrassing would not be reason to be against it.

But I don't think it's true either.

So do you really see these folk as being your brothers-in-arms, or more an example of what not to be like?


The only ones who have any right to call themselves "hard gainers" (imo) are guys suffering from some condition that somehow does a number on their hormone levels, nervous system or their digestive system.
And that condition has to be severe enough, of course. Lactose intolerance hardly fits the bill.