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Hardgainers Program Without Sled or Prowler

So I’ve been on 5/3/1 since December, I’ve made some terrific improvements and strength I’m very pleased with. My dead-life went from 390 to 425 and my OHP went from 140 to 170, all that with a 5’11 170lb frame. I didn’t add any muscle and I’m also tired of the same old same old of the routine. I’ve been looking at other programs, the 5/3/1 Hardgainers stood out. However my gym doesn’t have a sled or prowler. Is there a viable substitute or does this compromise the program?

You could use a tyre & rope etc.

If dont have prowler its fine just to do hill sprints/ gassers/hard intervals on cardio bike etc. In your case struggling to gain weight I would just do once a week for a while

Use your car in neutral.

Go outside and run 1000 yards worth of 100’s and 50’s.

Run, don’t jog.

Use that as a baseline and establish your training - this is all explained in the Forever book.