Im in need of some mass fast for summer fellow T-men.What recamendations can anybody make as far as which testosterone program is best for size.Any diet reccomendations would also be appreciated. I dont have time to screw around so i dont want to go by trial and error. I’m currentntly 5’9 170 12% body fat so my main concern is adding muscle. Thanks.

Read the thread Dre Day…it will give you all the info you need…I am too tired to repost it…lol!

I’ll make this real simple. Big basic exercises that work the whole body (squats, deadlifts, chins, benches, presses). Heavy weights, medium-to-low reps, a lot of hard work and plenty of good food. Eat every two to three hours and get in plenty of protein. If you need more detail on diets, read John Berardi’s Massive Eating plan. It’s definitely a good one.

The 20 rep squat routine.

if im still gaining off the heavy basics is there any point in changing things up after 3-4 weeks

Keep the basics and maybe considering changing your set/rep schemes every month or so. I need the consistency, and am not making changes every two to three weeks. I’m doing 5x5 for three more weeks (total of 8 weeks). Then I have a week off and come back doing 6x4 for four to six weeks. Then I’m following Charles Staley’s Convergent Phase Training for the three month period. My exercise selection will remain fairly consistent.