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Hardgainer vs Hardloser

There’s so much stuff out there about help for hargainers. What about hardlosers? Those of us on the other end of the spectrum, always on the thick and heavy side, puts on mass easily, but can never get lean, or get rid of that fat below the skin.

More training tips and articles for hardlosers is much needed. Thanks.

Check out the supplements and nutrition part of the forum. Lonnie Lowery, Berardi and CT have great articles on weight loss and diet. CT has some nice stuff on energy systems work and his transformation from weightlifter/powerlifter to bodybuilding. The photos and progress were quite impressive.

Hard work.

I’d actually say there’s more supplements on the market for fatties than ano’s.

Do a search for “FFB”

the new destroying fat article is very eye catching with such a variety in training that =fat destruction!!! and also the the AD will really help;D (anabolic diet…LOOK IT UP)

I would say there are a lot more articles written about losing weight than gaining it.
There are two fat loss articles on the front page right now, and no bulking articles.
Unless of course you think that you have a harder time losing weight than most people, and deserve special attention.

Just read the articles about fat loss, and apply it.

Losing fat is a great thing, no doubt, but what about people who lose so much that they get loose skin? I have a little of this problem from my gradual weight loss that happened over the course of 3 years: age 17-20.

I went from 220 to 170 and have been as low as 155 when I wasn’t lifting. I have loose skin on my lower stomach area, which is what I think it is, anyway. I don’t think it’s fat, and in that case, am I stuck with it forever?

at that age and the ammount of weight lost, especially over 3 years, I don’t think it could likely be loose skin. People are more likely to have loose skin if it’s substantial fat loss and at a later age. It could simply be the last bits of fat left over and it sits that way. However if it is loose skin I believe the only way to fix it is Time or surgery. Ben

There are tons of suppliments that work and work well for losing fat.

Sorry, you’ll get no sympathy for a guy who busts his ass for every oz of muscle.