Hardgainer Nutrition Tips? Neural Charge to Stay Fresh?

A couple of quick questions, Coach.

  1. I’d say I’m an easy-hardgainer by your definition, however, I still need to gain weight. I need to eat more carbs, but when I eat more carbs, I get so full it’s hard to meet my fat/protein intake goals. Do you have any tips for this?

  2. I’m doing the Waterbury Method while I get back into the groove after a layoff, and I think taking a short break from barbells and doing some dumbbell work would do me good. The Waterbury method is 3 days a week, yet I experience what you wrote about where I feel fatigued and foggy after 2 days off; would it be appropriate to add a day of Neural Charge training to keep fresh and keep my Olympic lift movements from getting rusty?

I appreciate your insight as always Coach. I know you don’t particularly endorse mixing programs, so any negatives are solely my responsibility.

Eat your meat first in a meal… Simple
If you are and still need more. Get over the discomfort and eat anyway. You won’t die. It’ll be normal feeling after a couple weeks
Supplement your protein with powder

The issue isn’t getting the protein in. The issue is getting enough carbs in without it affecting the rest of my food intake. If it was as simple as eating my meat first I wouldn’t have made a post asking about it.

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I can never get over how someone is complaining they can’t get in enough carbs… have a big carb drink before, during or after training if you can’t eat enough. Something like gaterade would do the trick

samething here bro i dont fucking understand how it is possible, food and carbs are so good damn i would eat everyday if it was possible for me to eat and stay lean haha

Take Plazma intraworkout or karbolyn and aminos etc if budget a factor.

Also instead of carbs could try loading up on good fats…

Should be fine to do Waterbury method one day one one off

When I was 9, I would fill up a big ole bowl with cinnamon life, Golden Grahams or Honey Nut Cheerios and milk, then when the cereal’s gone fill it up again and then add more milk when it started running dry etc etc.

Grind up oats in shakes.

Eat a cup of brown rice then drink 1.5 cups of eggwhites. Any male should be able to eat a cup of brown rice then drink eggwhites in the same meal without difficulty. Even if its slightly difficult the first time, it wont be after a week.

If you are short on fat cals add olive oil or something similar to a shake…

But it is as simple as just eat more food…

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What goals are you trying to hit for intake of carbs, fat and protein? There are some really super dense calorie recipes out there if you are OK with putting a fair amount of fat in you carb meals like throwing rice in chili or potatoes in beef stew. I will put rice or GF toasted bread crumbs in a big meatloaf with 2 pounds of beef and two pounds of mild Italian sausage. Rice custard with 12 egg yolks and a scoop of Metabolic Drive protein. Stuffed peppers with rice. Put potatoes in an omelet? I make green banana flour pancakes with coconut butter and also a tapioca flour deep dish “pizza” with a pound of fresh mozeralla, olive oil cakes, GF muffins (tapioca and white rice or potato flour) with cheese In the batter. There’s sloppy joe stuffed baked potatoes. Most of these you can adjust the fat content up or down on without even knowing it. How about Finibars? Greek Yogurt with frozen fruit and chopped hazelnuts or almonds? You can go 0% 2% or whole. Banana, 6 egg yolks (pasture raise) protein and coconut butter.