Hardgainer Just Gained 10 Lbs in 14 Days

i started working out three months ago at 130lbs and around 6% bf, and was becoming frustrated when two months into it i was still 130lbs and 6%bf. I had made some very good strength gains but my goal for the time being is to put on enough muscle to at least fill out a medium size t-shirt O.o. yeaah I’m pretty scrawny…

anyway i finally found this website about three weeks ago and started reading up on hardgainers and nutrition. i diagnosed myself as an easy-hardgainer and two weeks ago started eating 5-6 times a day until a felt nauseous (I’ve gotten used to eating more now and no longer feel sick or bloated after big meals).

I’ve been eating mostly whole eggs, tuna,. red meat, chicken, veggies, and one high carb post-work out meal that is usually some kind of whole grain pasta or bread. anyway i hopped on the scale today and looked down at a number i’ve never seen there before…140lbs. I was very happy and shocked and wanted to share this with all the supposed “hardgainers” out there. eat! eat! eat! keep in mind that you have to eat more food than you actually need if you want to grow. don’t eat until you’re satisfied eat until you are actuall full to bursting and can’t put down another bite. i take my meals as seriously as my work outs now. also if anything i look leaner now than i did before i started eating enough.

p.s. I still dont have any muscles worth taking a picture of but I’ll post some before and after pics in a year or two. maybe sooner if i keep gaining like this for any period of time!


Nice work, EAT, EAT, EAT, SLEEP, LIFT, EAT, ETC. and you’ll really pack on size.

not sure if you meant your list of foods to bea summary or just a clue but:

it appears you eat a load of veg and meat, which is great - but dont burn out doing it.

Add healthy fats to those meals.

hell if you are bulking dont forget dairy!

Great post my man. Keep it up!

yah good on you bro if only every hardgainer whould just stop there bitching and eat more and sleep more theyd pack on some mass! Im in the same boad man Im eating alot more now like 5000 cals a day almost and im starting to see some good gains! Keep up the good work!!!