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Hardgainer Help Plz!


so im a hardgainer and about 1 year ago i weighed 135 pounds and i was 6 foot. i was sick of being skinny so i did some research (not enough) and i found the usual info for a hardgainer, eat tons of food with protein and eat roughly 1 gram of protein per pound and lift heavy 3 sets 4-8 reps well i ate anything with protein in it cheese burgers,pizza,kfc,whey protein shakes for about 1 year with strength training and in dec 06 i weighed 205. yeah i gained alot of muscle but alot of fat as well.

well for the past 2 months starting january 1 until now march 5 ive gone from
205 to 185 in my cutting cyle but i have yet to see any more definition of my muscle, oh and also i just started drinking 8 glasses of water a day on january 1st, and someone told me it could be water weight?? what the hell??

so i just am at a loss do you think i should keep cutting even though im seeing no results, and also next time i bulk ive heard of clean bulking how would you do that? just by eating tons of healthy foods?

so if anyone knows any good info for a hardgainer to cut and clean bulk, oh and if the weight i have lost is water weight plz help thx.


Depending on your specific body fat levels its possible that you haven't reached a point that body fat losses are particularly noticeable.

For example it is often very difficult to notice visual differences between oh say 16-12% but 16-10or8% is a whole different story. This varies and thats just an example. Have you been using calipers to record....can you compare pictures of yourself from the start of your cutting cycle to now?