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Hardgainer Article by Dr. Darden

Dr. Darden,

Just read an article you wrote called “Hardgainer”…wish I read this 30 years ago, lol…
I am gonna follow this routine and put my own little spin on…

  1. Instead of the 4/4 cadence…I am gonna use 30-10-30 method on Monday and friday
  2. Will only go to failure once in a while or a 10-30 method
  3. Instead of shrugs, gonna do calf raises
  4. Wednesdays will be 10 controlled reps
  5. Wednesdays will be the following exercises Instead of the ones listed in the article
    …leg abductions
    …leg adductions
    …pec deck
    …machine row
    …side laterals
    …reverse curls
    …twist machine
    …nautilus low back
    …abcoaster machine

Your opinion?

Ps…this will be with very little rest in between exercises

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That looks like a nice grouping. I have no additions. Report back in a couple of weeks.

Do you have a link to the article?

It’s on an app that does not allow to share content with nonmembers

ok no worries, thanks

Just curious - was this from the Hardgainer 2.0 digital publication?

I don’t know what that is

I got it from old-school strength by John Wood


Hardgainer was a print magazine run by Stuart McRobert. He is a fan of abbreviated training routines, so his training philosophy is similar to that promoted as HIT. The magazine ceased publication some years ago, but recently resumed as a digital only publication. Since the article title was the same as the new publication, I wondered if there was a connection.

McRobert’s “Hardgainer” is some good stuff. I have the print magazines going back to the very first one. I have not got the new digital version.

I will say this…the abcoaster is not an easy exercise to perform