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Hardgainer & 5's Pro


Just kind of picking your brain here. But, I was wondering about your Hardgainer program…

Many, if not most programs that follow the strong principles of big multi-joint movements every other day or 3x/week, adding weight or reps to the bar frequently, and training for a goal of strength have you performing multiple big-lifts a day. Even your 5’s Pro setup is two big lifts a day.

Is the idea with Hardgainer to get the most out of each lift? So instead of two days a week Squatting for 5’s with 5x5 FSL, go with 5’s the last being a PR set and a widowmaker FSL?

It seems to me the idea is to get as strong as you can in each lift versus the idea of practicing the lift each session or every two, and either feeling like you’re maintaining or setting up your intensities.

I guess I’m really picking your brain on the idea of Hardgainer versus your 5 Pro template. Thoughts…

It sounds like you might have a few things twisted.

5s Pro isn’t a template. Sometimes, it’s advisable for some lifters to lift 2x/wk, so that’s why we do two main lifts each training day. The Hardgainer template uses one lift each day with extra supplemental work specific to that lift. One lift per training day. 4 training days per week.

I’m very confused. The program was written for people to get stronger.