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Hardgainer 5-3-1 After 3rd Week, Deload or Add Weight?


Yes, been doing 5-3-1 for hardgainers, been through 3 week cycle and wondering if I do a deload week or add the 5 pounds to upper body movements and 10 pounds to lower body movements and get my 85 % TM and start again? Thanks



Standard 5/3/1 rules apply: Your TM increases 5 or 10 pounds after each cycle. Straight out of the article.

I think one of the things the original poster wanted to know is this -

The article describes a 3-week cycle. Do you recommend a 4th deload week before starting a new cycle (like the basic 5/3/1)?

Or is the intention to loop through the 3-week cycle without a deload week?

I’m just finishing my second cycle and have put on a couple of lean pounds. Don’t know that I’d call myself a “hardgainer” with challenged genetics, I’m just an old fart. So far I haven’t puked during a widow-maker set. Looking forward to more gains.

I felt like Jim’s answer addressed all of this. Is there still confusion?

And does Jim’s answer mean “yes, there is a regular deload week, with 2 sets each at the 3 levels of warm-up weights, and no extra reps?”

What is the question? It’s all layed out and is pretty straightforward. All sets and reps are layed out and follows the program.

I’m finishing up my third cycle and haven’t deloaded once. I’ll start a deload next week.

Said another way :
The article lays out a 3-week program with no deload. In my limited 5/3/1 experience, all the other programs I’ve seen have some weeks of work followed by a week of deload. Did I miss a mention of deload in the article (or maybe it’s not there)? Or is it that the hardgainer doesn’t need a deload?

I’ve gone through two cycles of hardgainer and found the first week of the second cycle felt pretty easy (except for the widowmaker squat set), so maybe it doesn’t need a special deload?

What Jim said is; "Its like EVERY SINGLE 5/3/1 PROGRAM EVER."
What that means is all the same rules still apply to the Hardgainer template.
To be more specific; Deload after 6 weeks, which would be two cycles. If recovery is an issue then you can still deload after every 3 week cycle like the original program. It’s all in the Beyond Book and it’s worth every penny.

Thank you “More Squat”.

Thanks, More_Squat.

Haven’t yet read the “Beyond” book, I’d been going off of the 5/3/1 2ed. (Hadn’t figured I was “beyond” yet!)

This was the missing piece of the puzzle.