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Hardest Workout You've Ever Done?


Recently started chad Waterbury's BBB and the leg day using 3x8 is by far the hardest workout i have ever done, i felt like i was going to faint after. GR8!!


Believe it or not, it was the last arm workout in the bigger arm challenge:

weighted 20lbs chin
50 seconds up, 40 seconds down;
curls 11 reps with 60 lbs;
weighted 20 lbs negative only chin
5, then dropped the weight and did 4 more.

weighted 20 lbs dip
45 seconds up, 20 seconds down;
extensions 8 reps with 35 lbs;
weighted 20 lbs negative only dip
4, then dropped the weight and did 4 more.

It was craziness.


Meltdown Training 1.

4 days ago I was working out... at first during the pushups on the last mega-set, I was really really close to puking. All was left after that was the deadlifts. 10 reps. From reps 4-10 I was literally seeing colored stars popping up all around me... tens and tens of colored stars in the air (apparently Tom & Jerry wasn't that farfetched afterall). I thought that meant I was gonna faint, but thank God I didn't.

It then took me like 15 minutes to drink the protein shake cause I just couldn't get it in me... and then I just sat there in the locker room for some 15 minutes before I could get myself to open the locker and change my clothes. fun stuff. I'm still on it, but I didnt increase the sets on week 2 as you're supposed to. I tried, but it's just not physically possible. not with my poor diet anyway.




Getting up hay when I was 15 in 100 degree heat. Worse than ANY gym workout I ever had. Throwing bales 6-8 high gets tough around bale number 400, but you still have to finish the field and keep up with the trailer. Any of you who ever did farm work know what I'm talking about.


Not a lifting workout. But 16x400 for track. Fast intervals. Adequate recovery but you're still ready to puke by the end. And I have several times.


Renegade Training...some of the older stuff I've done in the past. Far worse than what I'm doing now.


Lactic Acid Training. I was dry heaving in the shower, I thought sure I was gonna puke. Somehow I didnt.

And that program didnt even do much for me!

I've had better success on ABBH for Fat Loss.


Which is worse, picking the hay up out of the field, or tossing it up in the loft on a 100+ day? For me, it was the loft. Being a short guy (5' 6"), I was always the one stuck up in the loft. It has to be 110 degrees up there, not enough room to stand upright, and the bales just keep on coming.

Only had heat exhaustion once though...


i puked last summer trying Darden's HIT program. i believe it was somewhere around the 2-3 week mark. after most of the workouts i went into the locker room and laid on the floor for a good 10 minutes to keep myself from puking. also, in Darden's HIT routine (basic, first 12 exercise routine in his book "the new HIT") the last exercises were a calf and then ab exercise. im not sure i ever completed the routine with all 12 exercises. usually did the calves, but by ab time it was really a matter of puking or not.

the time that i actually did puke i am sure i didnt do the ab exercise, i am sure i DID do the 10-15 minutes on the locker room floor...felt that i was ok enough to stand up, drove out of the parking lot, and i had to pull over and puke. fun. that stopped me in my HIT tracks for the time being. I recently re-visited HIT, in an effort to reverse about a month or so of lazy workouts that wrecked a lot of my previous progress, but i switched back to a CW TBT style workout, just because i like it better.

side note: i was much stronger the second time around with HIT, and i think it could have been very effective if i had a training partner. its hard to push it as far as you need to when youre going solo.


i know... how fucking stupid does it get? bigger arms in two weeks? only if you've never trained them before!


any workout that has a lot of squat or lunge sets.


Last years birthday challenge. I ran 31 miles and did 31 two min. rounds of kickboxing (mostly bag work). The challenge was to do all this in 24 hours.


The Smolov Squat Routine. I couldn't finish it. No pukey feelings during the workouts necessarily, but by the end of the week I just felt trashed.


The 2nd Day of CT's Pillars for Strength, the one with the high volume of leg work capped off with Bulgarian Squats. Dunno - maybe it was just so different from my usual leg workouts but it half killed me!


I almost thought I was going to agree with hueyOT for once, but my fears were allayed. I do think that a person can make a visible change in his or her physique in two weeks - just not with that particular program. A high frequency program such as Quattro Dynamo would probably work. But four workouts won't cut it.


The Nausea Workout by Charles Poliquin...


throwing is fun but how about stacking on the wagon and doing a set of (20) pullups off the crossbeam each time you do a turn and no bales are coming out...

Bagging 8800 pounds of horse feed into 100 pound bags, curling and then upright rowing each one for 10 reps then cleaning, carrying to stack and throwing on top...95 degrees in the shade, very humid...in 2 and 1 half hours, drank 5 quarts of gatorade and still got heat exhaustion...

Two five gallon buckets of splitting wedges, a 22 pound sledge and some of the biggest cedar logs that Kings Canyon National Park can provide.

8 sets of squats (15 reps) in 8 minutes (not really resting, just loading, unloading and setting up for next set). pyramiding up 135 to 315 and back down, followed by jumping to failure.


"The Austrian Blitz"


The old Super Squats program for me I think. If you really take your 10-RM and do 20 with it, it's not a lot of fun, aside from the bit of satisfaction you feel as you're lying on the floor.