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Hardest Thing I Have Ever Done....


I just started my new plan to gain some mass. I use to only eat 3 meals a day, maybe 1500 calories max. I know everyone say just eat anything but I like to have a plan and I try to eat clean. Friday dinner I usually eat anything.

First time eating ALL of this, and I found it to be a workout. Hopefully I can stay to it.

Stronglift 5x5 [3000-3500Calc]

[Water Throughout Day]

5 Egg whites plus 3 regular eggs
1/2 cup of oatmeal

10AM-Snack 1
1 cup of cottage cheese
1 Whole wheat english muffin with 1Tb spoon of natural peanut butter
1 Protein Scoop + 1% Milk 12oz

7 oz of chicken/turkey
1 serving of veggies/Broccli/Spinach

1/2 Oatmeal + 1 Protein Scoop

Jack3d Before + BCAA during

4PM-After workout
1 Banana
1 Protein Scoop + 1% Milk 12oz + Creatine + Fishoil + MultiVitamin

7 oz of chicken/turkey
1 serving of veggies/Broccli/Spinach

10PM-Before Bed
1 Casein Scoop + 1% Milk 12oz



Doubling calories over night?! Good luck I guess D:


I think you can still eat clean, but eat what I would call more "hearty" stuff. More beef and starch.

I think if I ate what you have listed here then I'd be cutting even more than I am now.


maybe for my second oatmeal i should eat a cup instead a 1/2 a cup.
I thought my plan was pretty good


start with what you wrote and intend to do and just watch the scale n your lifts if they dont start moving together then add more food.


Few small recommendations. Take your fish oil with your last meal. Look for a fat-free milk to add to your PWO shake, and add whole milk to your last shake on the day. The idea is to get the fast-acting macros in PWO and the slower digesting ones right before bed.


If having trouble getting calories I would look into adding some dextrose to pre and post workout shakes. Can get in a lot of carbs without feeling full. Just a suggestion if you having trouble getting enough calories down. If the real food is working, then by all means stay with it.


thanks for the suggestion. I started at 136, so I will re-weigh myself in 2 weeks and see how much I gained, from there I will make changes if needed. How much do you think I should have gained in 2 weeks following stronglifts and my eating regiment? Just want an average good number to see if I need to adjust anything.

also I have new found respect for people who eat oats, I think I am going to eat them uncooked because cooked they are terrible. Oddly enough I love cottage cheese. Casein+Milk isn't too fun, but I gotta do it ha.


Whoa...136? Then I think you don't need to worry about what you eat...in that once you've eaten enough to cover your vitamin and mineral needs then you could eat a lot more. Even clean. I mean a second helping of oats is still not that much.


Overall those are some good food choices for your feedings. Sure there are small tweaks here and there you can add, but just adjusting your intake each day to these figures should make a world of difference.



You'll get used to it. Looking back at my food log, the first day where I really concentrated on eating a lot, I was getting down about 2800kcals and felt like a big baller. A few months later, 4k is relatively standard.


I did a quick calculation, I could be off by a bit, but I got. I am going to weigh myself at the end of week 2 which is next fri.

= Cals-Fat/Carb/Protein [got number from internet, not my actual labels][didnt count things like olive oil]

I figure this is double than what I have been eating for this week so if I gain weight that means I am doing good right?

If you guys suggest I need to hit the 3000 mark, please suggest foods or i may have to shell out money a mass gainer



Hell do GOMAD + 1 lb of beef and you'll have around 3500 calories just from that, not even taking into consideration what you're eating on top of that.


I cant have beef in the house, and I rather not do GOMAD.
anything else maybe?


Didn't know someone would actually ask why, which sounds rude but my family is Hindu so they do not eat meat especially beef. I am the one exception in the house, but they prefer I don't eat beef, so I respect that in the house.


People ask why because to us no beef in the house = crazy. Add that to the fact that there are plenty of idiotic kids who say no beef "well I don't like it or too much saturated fat! OMG I'll lose my abz!!!!" so most of us are cynical when people say they can't eat enough.

Add EVOO to your shakes, eat more fatty fish, more chicken, more hindu-approved meat if you can (not a clue as to what Hinduism prohibits). Other than that beans, rice, peanut butter, eggs are all good food choices as well. GOMAD is by far and out the easiest though.


I understand now, I had no idea that people gave those reasons. As always thank you for the advice.