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Hardest Rap Songs To Workout To?


By Hardest, I mean the coldest and most ruthless rap songs, that makes you go to your spetsnaz focus level when lifting! ;D What are the best ones?

Show Discipline- Jadakiss and NAS
Survival Of The Fittest- Mobb Deep
Hell On Earth- Mobb Deep
...what else?


Can't you listen to Pat Boone like regular white folks?


Gravediggaz - Diary of a Madman


Sinatra, and The Partridge family for when I'm feeling sassy.


Vinnie P!


I like alot of D12 stuff its pretty raw.
some eminem

nas - one mic
put on - young jeezy
kanyes got some good gym ones not exactly dark



Can only listen to DMX when I squat if I do it when I bench or deadlift I can't focus.

Style P "THE LIFE" (not sure why but it gets me pumped)


snowgoons "the hatred"

snowgoons "the curse"




That was the most racist comment I have ever heard!

Regular, how dare you!

With an "I never" thrown in.


now nigga this my shit


yea seriously.

Damn enough with these "songs to workout to" thread. Use the search for fucks sake. I recommended lots of rap songs in previous threads.

But I'll just add another one just for the special 09 class

vitamin c - graduation (friends forever) - This shit is bang'n - Trust!


nigga i wasnt offended n im a dark ass nigga. u like reverse racism is gayy as hell


You won't find anything more hardcore than these:


Parents just don't understand by dj jAzzy jEFF and The Fresh Prince will have you setting deadlift PR's.

Word up



It Aint Hard to Tell-Nas
Real Muthaphukkin G's-Eazy E
Cant Truss It-Public Enemy
U Got A Problem?-Ludacris
anything by Andre Nikatina
anything from ODB's first album


Shehite dog, I'm bumping those my next squat session.

Word to yo mutha



skys da limit - lil wayne
american superstar - lil wayne


how can you be 3ID and spetznaz?