Hardest Pushup Variation Ever?

Try this and tell me whether this is the hardest pushup variation ever.

It doesn’t sound like much, but give it a try. Its a variation of the traditional pushup. The trick is in the hand positioning.

Get in traditional pushup position. Put hands on cement blocks. The hands should be positioned as follows. The hands should be placed palms down near the edge of the blocks so that the palms are on the top surfaces of the blocks, with the knuckles at the edge. The fingers should hang over the edge and point downward to the floor. Avoid the tendency to grip the block and throughout keep your fingers straight and pointed to floor. Push with pressure mostly on palms. Otherwise do pushups regular way. Do 5-8 sets of the most reps that you can.

I have never, ever felt this sore in my triceps, upper chest and shoulders.

Anyone have an explanation why pointing the fingers downward in this fashion turns this pushup variation into a brutual exercise?

I could be completely wrong but I don’t think its the pointing fingers downward thats making the pushup more difficult. My guess would be that because you are only putting weight on your palm you are using different parts of your arm and using certain parts more intensely. Again I could be completely wrong.

Are your fingers hanging over the front of the block facing forward, or are they hanging off the inside towards your torso?

lol @ civilian newbs who don’t know anything about pushups

Planche pushups look like hell on the shoulders

[quote]HolyMacaroni wrote:
lol @ civilian newbs who don’t know anything about pushups

Looks like you’ve lost a little weight mac

Bruce Lee doesn’t even count. He was a freak, in a good way.

I get so scared when someone posts something about Bruce Lee that the conversation will turn into how ripped he was or how ideal his look was.

Bruce Lee is so ripped… He definitely has the ideal look. What do you guys think?

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his arms look bigger than his legs WTF

Bruce lee was definitely too bulky.Lisa kudrow has the ideal physique.wait what?

A lot of big guys doing “extreme push ups.”

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A lot of big guys doing “extreme push ups.”[/quote]

Which to of xtreem push upz led to ur 500 lb clean and NFL career?

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[quote]HolyMacaroni wrote:
lol @ civilian newbs who don’t know anything about pushups


Looks like you’ve lost a little weight mac[/quote]
And joined the Marine Corps. Semper Fi, HM :wink:

Cock pushups.

Planche push-ups were really easy when I was 14 and under 150 lbs. My gymnastic coach had us doing it for warm-up.

Last time I tried, faceplated into the floor and woke-up naked by a river bank… wait what ?