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Hardest Possible Routine?


In your oppinion, what do you think the hardest routine that you've encountered is?

Im going with the smolov squat cycle.


nothing atm, but im looking into ian kings limping and that looks brutal.

probably a version of WS4SB i did...my legs burned after doing walking lunges after squats


Take your max in every lift and do it for 100 reps with 30 seconds rest in between reps. you'll either get really strong doing this or die.

Training in 100 times gravity was also brutal.



I think for me personally, it was the higher rep routines. Th elactic acid was a killer. My body is definitely not use dto it so once a month, I like to throw it in with my powerlifting routine and get a little crazy :slight_smile:


Enlist in the Navy and volunteer for BUD/S (Basic Underwater Demolition / SEAL) training. Commonly accepted around the world as the most brutal training known to man.


Fat to Fire, parts 1 and 2.


The hardest possible routine?

Um, why?

I mean the hardest "routines" like "hell week" in the special forces were invented to test your character and not to improve your body.

That has its place in the grand scheme of things, but it would not help you to achieve physical goals.

Harder=Better simply does not work.

But hey, you may have your reasons, I?d just be interested in hearing about them.


40x1 on deads with 20 seconds break between reps. I used near max weight. My body was sore for like 2 weeks.

Probably the hardest thing I tried lately has been the Waterbury method, 10x3 on squats. It was plenty hard at the gym, but walking for the next week was a bitch.

Hey vegeta, 100 times gravity....

comeon, that's so 4 years ago. I thought you were at 300 by now :slightly_smiling:


I just thought it would make an interesting topic


German Volume Training is a bitch, especially on the squat.


Where are the vets?
Meltdown training!


You guys have no idea what a tough workout is until you try sheiko:

  1. Squat 50% 5Х1,60% 4Х2,70% 3Х2,80% 2Х2, 90% 1Х3 (26)
  2. Bench press 50% 5Х1,60% 4Х1,70% 3Х2,80% 2Х6 (27)
  3. Flat dumbbells ?flies?10Х5.
  4. Push ups on the floor with weight (hands wider shoulders) 10Х5.
  5. Squat 50% 5Х1,60% 4Х1,70% 3Х2,80% 2Х4 (23)
  6. ?Good mornings? (standing) 5Х5.

Total: 76 lifts


Ditto on that. I felt sick for a couple of hours afterwards.


started meltdown a couple days ago. it's brutal as hell. for sure it was the toughest workout session i've ever had. day 2 i dropped the load a bit to concentrate on form but it still was murder.

i can't imagine anything more taxing. so i'm voting for meltdown.


I give my vote on Sheiko or Smolov's routines . . .
if not these, than.............. mine own! :wink:

one of my friends named me "Tabata's buddy" that's make me laugh :slight_smile:


Power Factor Training till U reach a point where ur acheiving 30,000lbs per minute in ANY lift. Once a person is moving THAT much weight they ARE huge.

So many "i tried it and it doesn't work" losers knock PFT but when u closely examine how they did it U find critical errors which failure was unavoidable.

60 strong range partials w/ 600lbs+ done in less than 2 minutes is THE hardest thing I think a person could ever do. Including BUDS, Ranger, Recon Mamba...the pain is unimaginable I would guess...since I haven't cracked 20,000lbs/min yet but will w/in 90 days...I hope.


20 rep squats


If you follow a metal militia shirt routine to the "t" (Sebastian Burns has this posted on the MM site), you will be hurting.


Meltdown training or Chad's lose fat without dieting thing


100 yard tire flips for time and sprinting back to the start in the summer sun.

Crossfit's Fight Gone Bad. Don't bash it till you do it.