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Hardest Lyrics

I’ve noticed that a fair amount of people hear listen to rap. Just wondering who do you think has some of the hardest lyrics ever?

I nominate;

BIG,What’s beef? - Don’t cha know me and my -iggas kidnap kids -uck in they ass throw em over the bridge

Many more just figured I throw down the guantlet. BTW, if any one here is into metal or whatever other violent hateful adrenaline pumping music that they think can contend feel free to add.

listen to spice 1’s old shit ie. welcome to the ghetto.

he is the most descriptive writer i have ever heard. he goes into great detail about shooting muther fuckers in the dick and shit like that.

when you listen to him you feel like you are actualy watching it on a movie.

Well what do you mean by “Hard”? And do you just mean lyrics or does the music that goes along with it count as well? The song by two different people can have a wide range of “hardness” (i.e. a song by with a Metallica style would be alot harder than a song with an N’sync style even if they were lyrically the same)

I agree some of the lyrics are over the top. However, in a free society we have to put up with this sort of slime, in music and on message boards!

You’d be hard-pressed to match Anal Cunt’s lyrics for sheer political incorrectness.

Two Live Jews, As Kosher As They Wanna Be.


You just gave me the biggest laugh of the whole week. I needed it. Thanks!

P-dog knew I could count on you bro, name this one: -
Pull up to your bumber with a fully loaded magazine robbin your motherfuckin ass clean
blow a heart outa muthafuckers back make him shit on himself when I pull out my strap

Zeb knew I could count on you to add something irrelevant (your opinion on this topic). That’s cool though.

John read the title bro. Hardest Lyrics, I mean lyrics. I can be metallica or whatever you like.

Steely cute:-)

three 6 mafia is my favorite. they have bad ass beats and they rap about real shit like selling crack and killing people-- and they mean it

If you’re going purely by lyrics then without a doubt it’s Blink 182, they’re some hardcore mofos


If you think my opinion is irrelevnt, on this thread, check out about 90% of all of your posts. Hahaha.

That’s odd Zeb because as I recall it most of the time I’m posting it’s on a thread that I started. Then you typically come along (like you did here) and fuck my thread up (like you’re doing know). Thanks though pal.

Just for shits and giggles, and since I have a feeling Zeb is going to ruin this thread anyway, who here thinks his thread is irrelevant.

bushwick bill the midget dude from the getto boys his lyrics are fucking scary…big martin

also spice 1 is the man his greates hits cd is the shit…so is his song trigger got no heart from the menace 2 society sound track

everything is irrelevant, people just like to reply to certain things.

Bushwick Bill LOL. Yeah midgets in general kinda scare me, let alone midgets with guns.

SteveO, thats deep man…thanks:-(

BTW I’m kinda looking more towards lyrics for example here’s one that get’s Zeb fired up

You’re a teaser, you turn 'em on
Leave them burning and then you’re gone
Looking out for another, anyone will do
You’re in the mood for a dance
And when your get the chance…

Abba-Dancing Queen

Hardest lyrics? How about Nas? I mean old original Nas, before he started too much of his “R&B” shit. Illmatic was an instant classic.

I’m a addict for sneakers
and bitches w/ beepers.
In the streets I’ll meet cha
about blunts I’ll teach ya

Most of the dudes from WuTang, especially, GZA & RZA.


Dog gone it…I just don’t like it. Hey, have you heard anything from the Eagles, Chicago or Journey?

Okay I’m old…

Abba is good though!



SPice 1

X Raided

Brotha Lynch Hung

Just uckin with ya Zeb. Ya I listen to the Eagles sometimes. But to be honest it doesn’t send chills down my spine and make me want to hurt anyone/myself. With that in mind, I save it for when I want to r-e-l-a-x

I’m seeing that old school seems to be the preference here. How about this

Not insane nor am I bias
but it feels good to watch a muthafucka die before my fly ass

-Slick Rick da Rula-